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What have we been learning about?


Reception have already been showing off their artistic skills this year in their 'All About Me' topic. The children have been experimenting with paint to create their own self portraits and been practicing their sweeping stokes.  

Year 1/2 

There has been an invasion of toys in Y1/2! The children have been very excited to share their favourite and most loved toys in their new topic. In art lessons, they have been experimenting with shading, stippling and hatching as well as using different materials to draw with. The children have also been learning all about pencil grip and pressure in order to create lines of varying thickness to create a observational drawing of their most beloved toys. We can't wait to see what you create!

The children in Year 1/2 have been studying the works of Peter Thorpe. They have been using a range of techniques to create really bold pieces in his style. What do you think? 

Year 3/4 

Year 3/4 students have been learning all about drawing and sculpture in their first topic of the year 'Sunny Hunny'. The children were able to study the intricate patterns and shapes of shells and recorded their observations in their sketch books. Using carving tools, the children chipped away at soap bars to create their very own shells. 

Now the students are beginning to learn all about the proportions of the face in their 'Ancient Egyptians' topic. They have already started to sketch individual facial features before bringing it altogether when they sketch their self-portraits. Tutankhamun's famous death mask is the inspiration for their artwork. We look forward to seeing their self-portraits. 

Year 5/6 

Year 5/6 students have delving into their topic by exploring a range of Indian art. The children have been learning about the features of Mehndhi and Paisley patterns and how they are used within Indian culture. They have then gone onto designing their own Mehndhi and Paisley patterns using a variety of lines.

Year 5/6 students have been revisiting their knowledge of portraits by discussing proportions of the face. However, this time the students have expressed this knowledge by drawing a portrait of Gandhi using charcoal. The children had to think carefully where the light and dark areas should be and where to smudge to have the most impact. 

Finally, they explored other areas of art including Batik designs which were based on Hindu signs/ symbols they learned about within their RE lessons. If you look closely you may even spot some Indian animals. Great Work Year 5/6!

Year 1/2 

Year 1/2 students have been learning about the Great Fire of London and created water-colour wash backgrounds for their landscape. They learned about primary colours and began to practice their mixing skills ready to paint their landscape. They used silhouettes to create the landscape of London and bright colours to create a vibrant blazing sky. Take a look at their beautiful work. 

Year 3/4

Year 3/4 students have been learning about water-colours as part of their Rivers and Mountains topic. They have studied primary and secondary colours and practiced their mixing skills to create different shades and tones. They have practiced different techniques including the flick, thick-thin and wrist-flick. They used all this knowledge to then create their own rivers and mountains landscape. 

Year 5/6

Year 5/6 have been learning all about sculpture as part of their 'Tomorrow's World' topic. They have planned and designed their own 3D sculpture using recycled materials. The children had to shape, layer and wrap their materials in order to create different desired texture and patterns. What do you think of their creations? 



Year 5/6 have been doing an artist study of Lowry in their Fighting for Freedom topic. They have been learning about point-perspective to create a landscape with a 3D effect. They have applied all their water-colour skills and techniques to produce a water-colour landscape in the style of Lowry.