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Maths events

Year 4 Maths Challenge 2024

Phoebe, Aria, Tise, Marta, Holly, Haidar, Cerys and Sidney represented our school in the Year 4 Maths Challenge. The event took place at St Faith’s School on Thursday 15th January. They worked in teams of two and both teams showed great resilience when faced with some challenging questions.  Marta and Aria did especially well, coming 4th out of 65 teams (only 2 points behind the joint second place teams). Well done all of you,for representing our school.

Year 5 Maths Challenge 2023

On Wednesday 19th April Kayla and Elsie (Cambourne) made up a team with Poppy and Poppy (Hardwick) to represent our school in the County Year 5 Maths Challenge. The four girls worked really well together to solve some tricky challenges. They did impressively well on the estimation round. Well done to all of them.

Year 4 Maths Challenge 2023

On Thursday 26th January, Issy, Lizzie, Thomas Isaac, Mayan, Robert, Dexter and Aaizah represented our school in the County Year 4 Maths Challenge hosted by St Faith’s School in Cambridge. There were over 50 teams competing and they faced some tricky problems and challenges. We are very proud of how well they worked together and their resilience in solving the problems.