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Art and Design

Art embodies some of the highest forms of human creativity allowing students the opportunity to be curious, explore their identities and develop insightful artistic opinions. Art builds a foundation for a variety of creative career paths and, as part of a balanced topic-based curriculum, should give students a wealth of skills for their futures. Hardwick and Cambourne Community Primary School is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment. As Art is a subject that everyone can access at some level, it should enable the students to feel a sense of belonging and develop a life-long passion for learning. Students should be given the opportunity to develop their skills, appreciation and critical opinions of art through the following: quality teaching based on a progression of skills, exposure to a range of artists, opportunities to experiment with a range of media and have additional opportunities to develop their passion through golden morning and arts events.  All students should feel confident, valued and successful to produce creative work and become proficient in a wide range of artistic skills while analysing and critiquing both themselves and great artists.

Please find below our year group coverage maps, progression of skills and progression of vocabulary for Art and Design

New Art Opportunity 

At HCCPs, we are always looking for new opportunities to encourage our students to develop their artistic skills. This year, our school has registered for the Young Artist Summer Show. This is a free opportunity for children aged 4 - 19 to show off their passion for art in any way they choose! This could be drawing, painting, sculpting or something else. This event is now in its sixth year of exhibiting students artwork from around the country. Follow the link below to take a look at last years successful entries for some inspiration. 


If you're interested in taking part, follow the link to register and submit your artwork before 27th March 2024 at 5pm. We wish you lots of luck and we would love to see your entries to display on our website!


Would you like your artwork to be displayed online and in a gallery at the Royal Academy of Arts? 



We aim to provide our students with ample opportunities to explore the world of art. At HCCPs, we encourage children to explore art both within the curriculum and through other opportunities. Take a look at what art our children have been up to outside of the curriculum by following this link. 

Art Themed Golden Afternoons

We are very lucky to be able to extend our students artistic opportunities across the school through Golden Afternoons. 

This half-term some children have chosen to take part of the 'Women in Art' Golden Afternoon. The children have learned about different female artists from around the world including Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Yayoi Kusama and Hannah Hoch. In their last session, the children looked at the artwork of Cortia Kent. Using this as inspiration, they created their own pieces of art using this style. 

In Year 3/4, the children have been exploring Middle Earth in the well-known story The Hobbit. One of their sessions was focused around the character Smaug the dragon. Together they used their clay carving and sculpting skills to create these fantastic dragon eyes!

What have we been learning about?

In Art we can use lots of different tools and materials to create masterpieces. Year 5/6 have been using a protractor accurately to create concentric circles as well as learning about symmetry. To make it even more challenging, they used compasses and rulers. 


Year 5/6 have been using their moulding skills to create their very own beautiful diva lamps. They look amazing!

Year 3 and 4 students have been learning about sculpture in their art lessons. As part of their Sunny Hunny topic, students have been looking at different shell types before design their own sculpture. They used wax tea-light candles and carved them into shells. Take a look at our finished work!

Year 5 and 6 have been carrying out lots of detailed patterning work with mehndi designs in felt pen and powder paints and paisley patterns. Check out their beautiful work below. 



Welcome to our gallery of art week during lockdown. 

During the 2021 lockdown, we asked the children to think about how their lives had changed. Some students have been home-learning while others have been attending school within key worker bubbles. We've been clapping for heroes and waving to friends on zoom. Even though we were not together in our school, we are always connected and that was the theme for our whole school art activity!


You can find lots more pictures in our Gallery. Click the link below!

Find out what we learned during our art lockdown project!

Take a look at some of our amazing artwork completed in lockdown...