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Home Learning Suggestions (lockdown)

Growing beetroot at home: Jack B (Y6)

Year 6 Gardening Club LOVES working outside and has worked wonders developing outside spaces that now help nature thrive all around our school. They wanted to create a tips and ideas page to help children of all ages stuck at home to get out and into their gardens during school closure, but sadly ran out of time. To honour their wishes, websites listed here will hopefully inspire outdoor (and indoor) learning in everyone over the coming weeks - and will help everyone enjoy Springtime too! If children would like to share any outdoor projects they get involved with, please bring these (and/or any photographs) into school once we reopen when we look forward to celebrating any gardening achievements. Any photographs sent to our school office in the meantime, could also be shared here as an inspiration to others. Key-Stage 2 children should also see the English page 'Competitions, Challenges and Events' section, if they fancy entering the Blue Cross 'animal heroes' competition.