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Online Safety is an important part of keeping children safe at Hardwick and Cambourne Community Primary School – no more so than in this current climate. Online Safety is taught to all pupils and our curriculum empowers students to understand and be aware how they can to stay safe and behave appropriately online but we can only be successful in keeping children safe online if we all work together. 


As we know internet development is constantly evolving into ever more innovative areas with many platforms enabling creativity and interaction between others.  However it has come to our attention, in recent weeks and months, that the speed in which this is happening is not allowing adults to fully understand what these different platforms are capable of and consequently parents don’t know the potential dangers of these.


Consequently, we have decided to raise the profile of Online Safety this year at HCCPS and make it a school priority.  Part of this will be supporting and educating our parents in the world of Online Safety.  We will be providing parents with guides on different APPs that your child may be using; wanting to use or has talked about with you. This will give you clear and detailed information allowing you to make an informed decision as to whether your child uses this APP or not. 


Keeping children safe on line is part of the Computing curriculum here are Hardwick and Cambourne Primary School as children and young people spend a lot of time online and may face risks such as cyberbullying and being exposed to inappropriate content. Whether you’re unsure about what happens online or are familiar with new technology, it’s important that parents as well as teaching staff talk to children about staying safe. The NSPCC provide some excellent guidance for parents about how to keep children safe whilst online. Click on the link below and spend some time looking through the content with your child.