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Year 3/4

Sunny Hunny

Our topic this half term is 'Sunny Hunny'. In the first week of term, we went on a wonderful trip to Hunstanton where we explored the Sea Life Centre and observed the features of a seaside town. It gave us a great opportunity to use some of the new vocabulary we have learned, including promenade, bandstand and groynes. 


Our Trip to Hunstanton by Sophie and Lexi

On Friday 10th September, we went to Hunstanton beach. First we went to the spectacular Sea Life Centre and saw fish. You can see sharks and crabs and little seahorses. We even touched starfish and saw a massive turtle. 

After the Sea Life Centre we ate lunch and had icr-cream! You should go to Hunstanton because they have the best food in Norfolk. Their speciality is doughnuts and ice-cream, but my favourite is doughnuts because they are delicious.

Finally we went to the beach and we saw lots of shells. We made some sandcastles and it started to rain. When it stopped we looked for crabs and I held a big crab. We even found some mussels. Then we went back to school. 

Welcome Meeting for parents.

Thank you to all of you who attended via Zoom.  Please see below for the slides, if you missed it.


PE Days

On your child's PE days, they need to come to school in their PE kit. Leave watches, jewellery at home, and tie long hair back before coming to school.

Miss Renshaw: Wednesday and Thursday

Mrs Kerss / Miss Knight: Thursday and Friday

Miss Miles: Tuesday and Friday

Mrs Hitchings: Wednesday and Friday

Miss French: Wednesday and Friday