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Create a Community Challenge is a competition for all Cambridgeshire and Peterborough infant, junior and primary schools, where children need to work together to complete a project. This project combines many areas of the curriculum: Maths, Art, PSHE and Geography. 

Your challenge is to create a town of your own design. Throughout the project you will need to carry out research, make decisions and produce a community map or model of your town. Try to be as creative as you can - building your town out of whatever you have available (junk models, Lego, play-doh - anything you like), or making a map using pens and paper or using masking tap or chalks on the ground. 

Open the competition PDF above to get started, then follow the instructions to create your community.

As schools are now closed, families can take part at home too. Entries can be sent to the school office and our favourite entry will then be entered into the competition.

The final date for competition entries is Tuesday 30th June 2020, so your deadline for receipt by school office is Friday 26th June. The winning entry will win an iPad for their school.

Book in a Box Winners: Carys (Y1) and Emily (Y6)

Book in a Box Winners: Carys (Y1) and Emily (Y6) 1
Book in a Box Winners: Carys (Y1) and Emily (Y6) 2

Book in a Box: Reading Competition

We had a fantastic level of entries for our spring term reading competition that coincided nicely with Book Week. Many children, teachers and parents really enjoyed voting for their favourite box during our book fair which made Miss Renshaw's job of picking 2 winners much less stressful too! Emily, in Year 6, contacted her chosen author Robin Stevens about her 'A Murder Most Unladylike' box and she tweeted a reply!! Other children might like to follow Emily's example and make contact with the author of their chosen boxes. Any replies received would make a lovely school display alongside entries, once we are able to reopen. This would also celebrate writing for real purpose which is something, along with pupil voice, that we value very highly as school in all year groups. Authors do often like to hear from their readers, so whether or not your child entered this competition, they might find it exciting to correspond with them under your parental supervision. Other ideas could include writing an alternative ending for a favourite story and/or creating an additional chapter, illustration or character. Children could even write their own version of a story or create and share their own picture book, poetry, rhyme or fairy tale with authors and/or publishing houses. 

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Travelling Book Fair

We raised a whopping £1060 in commission this year! This is a fantastic amount and we would like to extend a heart-felt thank-you to everyone who attended and purchased books. There was a real buzz in the Hardwick hall with 'book in a box' voting generating a spirit of healthy competition and lively conversation about reading; we will be looking to repeat this in future years. We also received a number of very high quality pre-loved books this year at our donation tables and these have already been shared with grateful class teachers from EYFS-Year 6. Books can be donated at any point in the year, but it worked very well this year during this dedicated week and we really appreciate your generosity. We are now looking forward to spending the commission you have raised ready for children to enjoy in their classrooms soon.

Book Week: Sustainable Living

Book Week: Sustainable Living 1

World Book Day and Travelling Book Fair

World Book Day is Thursday 5th March. We will all be dressing up as a book character on this day that falls within a dedicated ‘book week’ where we will be celebrating a love of reading across both school sites. Our book week’s theme this year will be based around sustainable living. If anyone would prefer to dress up around that theme instead, then this would also be appropriate - and hopefully FUN too!

Heffers Cambridge will be providing a WBD book for every child across both sites again this year that can be redeemed using WBD tokens that will be shared by us with children during Book Week. 

As well as World Book Day and our dedicated Book Week, the Travelling Book Fair will also be visiting both sites from Monday 9th – Thursday 12th March. Books will be on sale after school on these days from 3:30pm-4:00pm: in Hardwick site’s hall and Cambourne site’s library. 

If you have any 'pre-loved' books you would like to donate to help supplement classroom shelves and libraries, this would be a good time in the term for us to receive these. If you were to bring these to the fair, there will be a table dedicated to receiving them.

At the end of our book week, we will announce the winner of our Book Week competition which is to design a gadget, device or idea that would enable us to live more sustainably in the future. More competition details will be available in school assemblies and via class teachers nearer the time. Competition winners will receive a voucher to select a free book from the Travelling Book Fair.

We will share details about our '100 books to read' initiative during 'book week' that we hope will inspire children to read a range of different titles and generate discussion about books at home and in school.

Children's Program of Events: 16th - 19th April 2020

Year 6 English Challenge Final

Year 6 English Challenge Final 1
Year 6 English Challenge Final 2

Year 6 English Challenge

We are all super-proud of our Year 6 team again this year - Hermione, Tamsyn, Freddie and Yahel - who represented us at the 5th annual English Challenge held at Monkfield Park Primary School. We came 3rd and, as points were so close this year, we have a chance of being entered into the final at Ely Cathedral in December. We all have our fingers crossed! Our team did especially well in the book-quiz round and would recommend everyone to keep reading! It was a fun event and our representatives all worked brilliantly together as a team to answer memory round questions, grammar questions and a wide range of really challenging questions about a number of different authors, books, poems, synonym and antonym vocabulary and text types. A big thank-you to all parents for supporting us and for school staff who gave up their evening to attend and support our team.

Woop Woop: we are through to the final at Ely Cathedral on Wednesday 4th December!! 100 county-wide schools took part in this challenge and we are one of 23 schools who have made it through to the final.

Reading Cafe

Reading Cafe  1
On December 2nd we held our first reading cafe where pupils at the Cambourne site shared books, reading challenges and top tips for well as some delicious cakes and hot chocolate. Thank you to everyone who baked cakes, donated books and to all of those who came along. It was a great success!