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Week 9

Day 1
Another beautifully sunny week! We started off with a Zumba workout followed by a solo jazz dance routine.
And we finished the day by sharing a story.
Day 2
Day 2 started off with a chat about Mental Health Awareness Week. We began posting kind messages by sticking them onto each other’s backs. It really caught on and som of us got covered in kindness! It was a lovely feeling.
We showed our appreciation for all the hard work Mrs Thompson has been doing by secretly decorating her office door with kind messages. We had to lure her out first with a silly excuse. The fact that it worked is further proof how she is always there for us!
We made our very own card games. One set of memory cards and one set of Happy Families. They are great fun to play!
There has been so much talk of bubbles recently among the teaching staff we felt inspired to make our very own bubble blowers. All you need is a twig and a pipe cleaner plus some washing up liquid.
Day 3
Today the KS1 crew went outside for some Maths. They used objects they could find in their surroundings to do some place value recap. Can you guess the value of each object?
Continuing the bubble idea, we did 3 different experiments that involved dishwasher liquid. Experiment one was demonstrating how soap helps to clean dirt off our hands. Fill a shallow plate with a little water. Sprinkle in pepper. Dip your finger into washing up liquid and put it into the peppery water then watch what happens! 
The pepper experiment took a detour and ended up in this ...

Experiment 2: fill a shallow plate with milk and add drops of food colouring. Dip a cotton bud into washing up liquid and touch the surface of the milk. Watch what happens!

Experiment 3 involved making putty by mixing corn flour and washing up liquid.