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Art Attack Golden Morning

Using the Correct Tool for the Job

Wildflower Sketching: Year 1/2

KS2 Art Attack Golden Morning: hedgehog pencil sketches

English Curriculum

Miss Haji's class began the new school year with hedgehog research pages and these are on display in school, some of which will provide tips for helping avoid the creeping extinction of this beautiful native creature. Children have also decided to write their English diary unit in role as hedgehogs and are very excited to use their pupil voice and share their creativity in this way. We hope our new array (group/family) of hedgehogs will join Rudolf, Wanda and Groot, Rosie and Jim and Prickles who we think have settled themselves comfortably into our nature area and surrounding gardens. This on-going project is one that the Year 5/6 gardening club are especially proud of and it is an added bonus that our participation also provides other curriculum learning opportunities and gives children the chance to use their pupil voice and choice when writing.

Hedgehog Reports (factual) and Diaries (fictional and in role)