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Below are messages from our Maths, English and Inclusion teams to reassure you all about your options and direct you towards alternative materials your child may find helpful.


It is also worth saying again that children’s well-being is particularly important in the current climate, year group pages have activities, links and ideas and there is also a new wellbeing page under the children's section, please have a look.




We hope your child is enjoying some of the daily maths tasks on our web site. We realise however that every child is at a different stage of their mathematical journey and will have different areas that they find tricky or require more challenge in. To help with this, on the Maths page of our website, we have put together a range of different materials to help you with learning at home. These can be used in addition to the learning set by your child's year group or as an alternative.


In the 'Home Learning' section of the Maths page you will find many free resources including website links to online lessons also other reliable maths websites. Do have a look at the Cambs Learn Together link as the County Maths Team are regularly updating it with quality resources. It also isn't too late to try out the outside Easter Maths Challenges which are practical and fun for all the family. We have included a section on games to play at home which naturally involve maths, along with a problem solving page of activities.  If you are unsure of which calculation method to use, the school calculation policy is also available which explains which methods we teach in school, along with a glossary of key jargon.

Try to have fun and remember, all maths learning is good maths learning!




When working with your child at home, please be reassured that you do not need to limit yourself to only choosing activities from within your child's current year-group, but can access work from any key-stage depending on your child's learning needs. In addition to the daily tasks listed on each year-group page, additional learning opportunities can be found on the English page. These might appeal to a wider range of learning styles, abilities and interests. This page also gives advice that supports wider English curriculum learning and is not restricted to school closure.




Learning at home can be particularly challenging for children with special educational needs. Some of the activities on your child's year group pages may not match where your child is in their learning journey, please feel free to dip into other year groups to find learning that matches your child's needs and interest. There is also a new section on the website called 'The Club' under children's pages where you can find a variety of activities that your children may enjoy and will support different aspects of their learning. In addition, in the Parents section there is a new Inclusion page where you can find information and links to help support children with SEND. We hope that this will help you over the coming weeks.

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day


We have created a slideshow of photos sent in from your celebrations... this is in the Events and Notices section of the website, link here