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4. Editing your letter

Now it's time to edit your work.  If you have a different coloured pen, use this, like we do in school.

Things to look for are:

- Read it through to check it makes sense

- Punctuation:  Have you got all your full stops?

                        Have you got capital letters at the start of sentences (and not where they shouldn't be!)

                        Check for commas, ! and ?

- Spelling - underline some words you think may be spelt wrong.  If you can, ask an adult, look them up or ask us when you're back in school.

-  Word choices - change any boring / repeated words for more interesting ones.

-  Description - have you used some adjectives and adverbs to describe things clearly?

-  Have you extended some of your sentences with conjunctions like because, but, although?  

-  Sentence starters - have you started some of your sentences in different ways?


See what you can do.  

When you're finally done, you can publish your letter in best!  Try to use cursive handwriting.  




Letter templates for publishing your work