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Club Members 2023

Our club is continuing to prove ever more popular each year. So much so that this year we are running two fortnightly groups to avoid disappointment. Children are working expertly together to look after our nature spaces and their growing number of inhabitants. New paths have been laid; bulbs have been planted; brambles have been cleared; the pond has been re-waterproofed, filled and tidied; juicy blackberries and tomatoes have been eaten; and a pigeon was carefully monitored as she sat on her nest adjacent to the playing field that had been quiet over the summer, but was not ideal as she found herself suddenly surrounded by exuberant children on their return to school in September. Club members took it upon themselves to ensure her nest was cordoned off and that she was undisturbed as she sat guard. For quite some time. We are pleased to say that the crows didn't manage to steal all of her eggs! We would like to rehome more hedgehogs, if anyone within the parent body has a contact please get in touch with our club. 

Can you spot her?

Newest Club Members

Lily gets a make-over!

Handing Over to Year 5

We cannot quite believe how fast time has flown and that we are already looking to train next year's club members! Current Year 6 club members have instructed new Year 5 volunteers about how to use and store equipment safely. The strimmer is always a popular choice! They will soon be handing over to the new members who will take the lead on all outdoor projects from September. We LOVE our club and our outdoor learning!

Club Members 2022

Our current Year 6 members will be welcoming new Year 5 recruits soon to continue their hard work from next September. Our members are very keen and Year 6 can't wait to train them up and put them to work!

New Members at Work

Our new club is up and running and has already got to grips with tackling the summer growth which was ENORMOUS this year. Our nature area continues to thrive and courtyards have now been planted with bulbs and colourful hanging baskets. Lily has been dug out from the undergrowth and Peep is standing proud on her mound watching over all the activity. The pond is in hand too - it is looking very clean and healthy. We have seen lots of water skaters and eaten some blackberries from the surrounding bushes. We have received donations of seeds and fat balls, so the birds are happy. We have ordered a feed bin this year to better-store this food and are really grateful for the ongoing support provided by parents and from within the community. Children are enjoying themselves and working very hard alongside our trusty volunteers Peter and Betty. Their communication and organisational skills are already proving enviable! We will share a customary 'fashion shoot' gardening club photograph once we can all get together on a sunny day to pose for it! 

Our 2021 Club is Up and Running

Our new members are fantastic! They have bounced into their gardening boots after lock-down and have already beaten the weeds that had overtaken the nature area and planted some beautiful flowers by the pond. Courtyards have been planted with tomatoes, potatoes and herbs that we hope to be able to harvest and eat. We are keen to cook with our own crops too! The pond is also now looking much healthier; children from younger year-groups have really enjoyed seeing this year's tadpoles. Birds are looking happy due to the kind donations of seeds and fat-balls we have received and Ms. Garland's water-table is helping to keep them watered and cool in the recent hot weather. Club members always remember to replenish ground-water trays and bird feeders each week and should feel very proud of the care with which they look after wildlife. 

We have a brand new crop of enthusiastic Year 6 members this year who are already working tirelessly and with enthusiasm every week to continue to improve and develop our nature area and internal courtyards.Last year's club trained them well for the responsibility that awaits this academic year. It is very rewarding to see children hand on skills they have learnt to each other and to take such visible pride in their project. Many of these skills could simply not be taught in the classroom, so we are tremendously lucky to have such a great outside space and such talented helpers willing to give up their own time to share their knowledge with us.


Internal courtyards are looking colourful, as newly planted crocus seeds and wild roses are flowering. Children have picked and enjoyed the first crop of tomatoes and planted sunflowers to cheer us all up as the nights draw in and we have to dig out our warmer clothes! They will soon be planting more bulbs and wildflowers around 'Peep' to add to those already sowed in previous years that provide so much colour when in bloom. There is also a crop of blackberries that are begging to be picked and eaten!


Our PTA-funded shed is FANTASTIC and now full of tools and equipment donated by kind parents and staff. There is even a recycled bench outside the shed now where we can sit, relax and enjoy our efforts. Inside, the potting bench on which cuttings are cultivated is providing a real learning opportunity and the water-butt and its guttering ensure we are all doing our bit to conserve water. Alan and Peter really do have invaluable expertise that is much-coveted and appreciated by everyone!


This year, gardening club has also taken on the responsibility for the development of the school pond and if you would like to help with this project, information can be found in the 'parental support' section.

Outdoor learning opportunities abound for all year groups in this area that would not have been possible without your support and the hard work and dedication of your children. Our birds, bees, insects, flowers, trees, hedgehogs, frogs and plants all thank you!