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Pop up Poets

We have relaunched our pop-up-poets in assemblies this Autumn term to coincide with Remembrance Day.

Some Key Stage 2 children chose a poem they had researched to learn and others chose to write their own based on shared animation and class discussion. Year 5/6 had only 20 minutes in which to write a poem based on their emotional response to shared stimulus, so we think they have done fantastically good job!

It can be really daunting to stand up and speak in front of an audience, so every child who elects to 'pop-up' in a whole school or key stage assembly should feel enormously proud of their achievement. We will share poems written by our pop-up poets on the Writing Wall of Fame section of our English page.

Year 3/4

Well done Joss, Morven and Alys (Year 3) who wrote, learned by heart and recited their own poem 'Soldiers that Fought for Us' in our KS2 assembly (see our Writing Wall of Fame).

Well done to Daisy, Danielle and Sophie (Year 3) for bravely sharing their group poem recital with us in a whole school assembly.

Thank you for sharing your own Egypt topic poem with us Alys (Year 3) - it was brave to stand up and recite this alone in our Key Stage 2 assembly at such short notice!

Year 5/6

Well done Emillie, Daisy and Allana (Year 5) who learnt and recited 'The Inquisitive Child' (Anon.) in our whole school Remembrance assembly.

Well done Eva and Logan (Year 6) who wrote and shared their own poem 'In the Meadow' in our whole school Remembrance assembly (see Writing Wall of Fame).

Well done Hermione (Year 6) who wrote her own poem 'The Many' and shared this in our whole school Remembrance assembly (see Writing Wall of Fame).

Well done Katie, Eilidh and Ellen (Year 5) who learnt by heart and recited 'Twas Madness' (Peter Atkinson) in our KS2 assembly. Not an easy poem to remember!

Well done Paige, Aggie and Freddie (Year 6) who learnt and shared 'For the Fallen' (Laurence Binyon) in our KS2 assembly. 

Well done Hana and Emily B (Year 6) who wrote their own poem 'Why we Wear Poppies' and shared this in our whole school Remembrance assembly (see Writing Wall of Fame).

Betsan (Year 6) bravely popped up to sing a verse of Vera Lynn's 'White Cliffs of Dover' (unaccompanied!) in our KS2 assembly; we think she should think about a role in our end of year performance based on how hauntingly beautiful her singing voice is...

Thank-you for making us all smile Khalil (Year 5) when you recited 'When you Smile' with such a wonderfully big smile of your own!

Well done Scarlet and Betsan (Year 6) who shared 'there will come soft rains'.

Well done Katie and Ellen (Year 5) who made us all remember how beautiful winter can be when reciting 'I am Winter, King of Seasons'.

Thank-you Eilidh and Noah (Year 5) for leading us into Christmas by reciting 'Christmas Child'.

Well done Alex G and Harry (Year 5) and Grace (Year 6) and Danielle (Year 3) for adding some festive cheer to our Christmas Jumper Day whole school assembly with your Christmas themed poetry recitals.

We are all looking forward to hearing more from our KS1 and KS2 pop-up-poets and to watching some pop-up-performances soon as well.

We have so many wonderful poets popping up these days that it has become impossible to keep up and post every child's achievement here! We will continue to celebrate children's poetry in school and to hand out certificates in assemblies; we will post samples of their wonderful poetry in the block above.

Year 6 English Challenge

There once was a fellow named Paul

who went to a fancy-dress ball

he thought he would risk it

so he went as a biscuit

but a dog ate him up in the hall!

We were reminded at this years English Challenge of how much fun can be had with poems and limericks. Once learnt, these are often fondly remembered into adulthood. All children are invited to pop-up in an assembly, or their own classrooms, with any poetry they have learnt by heart and would like to share. Performance poetry is a valuable  skill as well as an opportunity to speak in front of an audience. We also have some Year 5/6 pop-up-performers planned for assemblies soon, as children are keen to share their music and drama skills when retelling the Hindu creation story.

Pupil Governor Hustings

We are all very proud of our candidates for election this year. Their speeches made us proud not just because each Year 6 child was articulate, passionate and brave enough to stand up in a Key Stage 2 assembly to pitch to their peers, but also hopeful as theirs are the voices who will speak for us in the future. Good luck girls; you are all destined for great things! We will share election results as soon as all the votes have been counted.