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School Values

Our school values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

Our school vision

We seek to serve both our communities equally well, offering the same ethos on both campuses. All children at the school will have access to a highly stimulating, relevant, interesting and individualised basis for their learning, aiding high achievement and good progress for all learners. We will ensure that all our children receive their full entitlement to all subjects within the National Curriculum, taught in a truly balanced fashion, allowing all pupils to discover their true skills and aptitudes. This curriculum will be characterised by vibrant lessons, rich learning environments and excellent transition arrangements, plenty of opportunities for learning outside the classroom (both inside the school grounds and further afield), excellent use of modern technology and opportunities for self-directed learning. We will seek ways to involve parents actively in their children’s education and provide support to aid learning beyond the classroom. Objectives from the National Curriculum will be successfully integrated into cross-curricular topics that foster creativity, purpose for learning and develop the wider emotional needs of the children.
The school will strive to become an ecologically and ethically aware establishment. We will attempt to minimise our impact the environment through energy conservation measures and create citizens with an excellent moral and ethical outlook. This process will include educating the children about environmental concerns, ethical issues and human rights. Part of this process should include well thought through religious and personal, social and health education.
The school will be a safe, clean, accessible and educationally stimulating environment, which caters well for the requirements modern education. The premises should be secure, and all safeguarding requirements followed, minimising the risk of damage to property and maximising the safety of children. Regular inspections and risk assessments will ensure that potential dangers within the premises is well monitored and that effective steps are taken to both minimise excessive risks and teach the children to manage existing risk with safety and confidence. The school will also effectively prioritise its funding to ensure that the infrastructure remains suitable for purpose now and into the future.
All members of staff will have access to high quality CPD, either through internal mentoring and staff development opportunities or through attendance of good quality courses and liaison within our local group of schools (Network CB23). Staff health and well-being is a constant priority and a range of effective systems are in place to ensure staff have a positive working environment and a healthy work-life balance. Effective systems will be in place to support staff in terms of their induction and to ensure they fully understand their roles and responsibilities (Any changes in legislation affecting pay and conditions, safeguarding, performance management and workforce reform will be rapidly assimilated into the normal working practices of the school).
The leadership of the school will continue to be clearly focused on continuous school improvement in all outcomes for learners, both academic and personal. Governors and School leaders will clearly communicate their shared vision for the school to all staff, children and stakeholders and ensure that all parties are able to contribute to the further improvement of the school.
Effective systems will be in place, and constantly reviewed, to ensure rigorous and reflective self-assessment. This will ensure that both leaders and governors are fully aware of the strengths and areas for development of the school. Innovative and creative solutions will be sought in developing the leadership and management of the school and ensuring the leadership potential of all is reached.
Good communication and relationships within Network CB23, the LA and the wider education community will ensure the leadership of the school are able to look at best practice elsewhere, and constantly reflect on the most effective ways to move the school forward and secure improvement.