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Latest Ofsted Inspection Report - November 2021


It is with enormous pleasure that we write to share the fantastic news that our wonderful school has once again been rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted.

This fantastic news follows the Ofsted inspection, which as you know took place in mid-November.

We are delighted that Ofsted has recognised all the excellent work going on here at HCCPS and what a ‘unique school’ we truly are.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff, pupils, governors and families who work tirelessly to keep what is great about this school.  HCCPS is indeed a good school (we personally think it’s a great school!) and we feel that we all have a shared and sustained determination to continue to build on our successes and strive to provide the very best quality of education; once again, we thank you all for helping to create and work towards this shared vision. 

We would also like to thank you as parents specifically, who have supported our school in all we have been aiming to achieve.  The inspector noted; ‘Parents and staff see the school as a happy and safe place for pupils to be.’ We always say how HCCPS is a partnership between school and families - the feedback from the online questionnaire reports have certainly shown that to be true.

The report highlights many key strengths of our school. Some areas that make us very proud include:

  • The inspector described us as a ‘unique school, where it does not matter which site the pupils attend – they all receive the same high level of care, support and opportunity.’
  • The school environment is ‘warm and friendly, where pupils can learn and have fun’
  • The inspector was impressed with the “culture of mutual respect and the high expectations of the school in terms of behaviour. The inspector noted that ‘pupils’ behaviour in and around the school is very good’ and that ‘there is a calm and purposeful atmosphere in classrooms across the school.’
  • The school has a strong safeguarding ethos and has developed ‘a culture of vigilance’. Leaders also take action if needed and the curriculum for the older children ensures they know ‘the risks they face, for example the effect the use of social media can have on mental health’
  • Our ‘broad curriculum’ that ensures pupils’ new learning builds on what they already know and can do’
  • The inspector clearly recognised that the school is ‘determined to make sure that pupils not only learn to read, but they have a love of reading too’
  • Governors ‘effectively carry out their duties.’  They also ‘support leaders well, but do not shy away from asking questions to provide challenge when this needed.’


We have always said to parents that we aim to do the very best for each child in our care.  We strive to help all children to recognise their talents, build on their strengths, recognise where they may find something tricky and help them have the skills to move forward from this.  We strive to create caring, thoughtful and confident pupils who are proud of themselves and the communities they live in, and we are pleased that Ofsted recognised this in their report and praised the school and the pupils for this. 

This may sound like we are showing off the school, but we think HCCPS has a lot to be proud of.  Governors, staff, parents / carers and most importantly the pupils all work hard every day to create something very special here in our school.  We thank you for your continued support for HCCPS - it is greatly valued and appreciated and we look forward to continuing to support your children in going from strength to strength. 

Cate and James