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Parental Questionnaire Summary

Results from the Parental Questionnaire July 2020 are taken from 96 parental replies


Agree or Strongly Agree


Disagree or Strongly Disagree


My child is happy at this school



My child feels safe at this school



The school expects my child and other pupils to behave



The school makes me aware of what my child will learn during the year



The school has high expectations for my child



My child does well at this school



I would feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions, concerns or a problem and that they would be dealt with properly.



The school lets me know how my child is doing



There is a good range of subject available to my child at this school



The school supports my child’s wider personal development






I would recommend this school to another parent



Does your child have Special Educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND)




Agree or Strongly Agree


Disagree or Strongly Disagree


If yes, my child has SEND and the school givens them the support they need to succeed (based on 6 parental responses)




Every year, we add some supplementary questions to gain feedback on an area in our school.  In July 2020, the spotlight was how the school responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Agree or Strongly Agree 

Disagree or Strongly Disagree

Not Applicable

The school has kept me well informed during the COVID-19 partial closure




The school has, where possible, supported my need for childcare during the partial closure



(63 responses)

The home learning and other educational support available has been supportive of my child’s needs




The school’s overall level of communication is good




The schools website is easy to navigate and I can find the things on there I need





Any other comments about the school's communication and/or website this academic year.

New website is so much better/improved x 8

See the difference the new heads are making with communication/website

New website gives a sense of community

YouTube Channel is lovely

Thank you to all the school for the information

Appreciative of all the information and effort school has made

Supportive teachers

School calendar should be locked so only parents can see

Home learning has been an excellent resource

Some suggested activities not compatible with IPads

Fed up with White Rose at times

Class zooms and phone calls were great x 4

We liked the staff on videos – we would have liked to see them more

Felt some topics were aimed at younger children

A special school who see children thrive whilst in our care

Would have liked more contact with class teacher x 3

Website and home learning are excellent, thoughtful and varied

Nursery home learning could have been better

A clear improvement in communication x4

Keyworker club was excellent x2

Clearer avenues for monitoring children’s work

School listens to parents comment and adapts accordingly x 2

Assemblies would have been good

Communication has been fantastic x 11

Communication needs to be clearer

Extension activities for the more able would have been good


Parents are also given an additional box for comments - both positive and negative.  Below are some of the themes that have come out of the questionnaire and anything the school does, or has done in response.






Thankful for the measures put in place to allow children to return to school safely


Child has improved in confidence


3/4 staff are fabulous


School gives children extra support in order to be able to achieve


Reports at the end of EYFS are very detailed


Appreciative that the new report format has a focus on attitude to learning


Wand another column to the left of the strongly agree column – best school for their child!


Teacher dedication to children both pastorally and learning


Good support during Covid x3










Areas for Development School response

Want their child to be challenged/pushed to achieve a greater depth of learning

Work is differentiated by all teachers either to support the children in their class or challenge them.

Issues with consistency in staffing during the academic year

Unfortunately, this was out of our control.  When we realised that this was going to be long term, we quickly put a plan in place to ensure that the children had a consistent teacher(s)

Want more regular parent consultations and see children’s’ work more often

School provides 3 parent consultations across the academic year – Autumn, Spring and Summer which is the expectation from the government.  

More nursery communication

We are working to develop this, this year.

Disappointed that some years were not able to finish

As a school, we too were disappointed that the government only allowed R,1 & 6 to return back in the second half of the summer term. 

Concerned about the need to catch-up

The school have quickly identified the gaps in children’s learning and are addressing them so the children catch up as quickly as possible.

Want more targeted communication

As a school, communication is already targeted but we can look to see how this is further developed.

Teachers do not adequately support SEND pupils

The progress that our SEND pupils make is at odds with this statement.


Results from Parental Questionnaire July 2019 are taken from 170 parental replies.

  Agree or Strongly Agree 2017 Agree or Strongly Agree 2018 Agree or Strongly Agree 2019 Disagree or Strongly Disagree 2019
My child enjoys school. 99.5% 98.8% 98.9% 1.1%
My child is making good progress at school. 95.7% 99.5% 95.8% 4.2%
I feel my child is safe and well cared for at school 99.5% 99.5% 100% 0%
The school expects my child to behave well 100% 100% 100% 0%
The school expects my child to work hard and achieve his or her best. 98.4% 100% 99.4% 0.6%
I feel the school is willing to listen to children’s views 99% 99.5% 98.2% 1.8%
I would feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions or a problem. 98.4% 98% 98.8% 1.2%
The school is helping my child to become more mature and responsible. 99.5% 99.5% 99.4% 0.6%


Every year, we add some supplementary questions to gain feedback on an area in our school.  In July 2019, the spotlight was on the use of our curriculum and pastoral provision.
  Strongly Agree or agree Disagree or strongly disagree Don't know
The school provides high quality pastoral support 91.2% 1.8% 7%
Do you feel that your children get enough exposure to subjects beyond English and Maths 97.5% 0% 3.5%
The school supports families enough regarding issues such as Drugs education, Relationship and Sex education, knife crime and gang culture 72.4% 4.1% 23.5%
The school provides a wide range of opportunities to nurture, develop and stretch pupil’s interests 93.5% 0% 5.9%


Parents are also given an additional box for comments - both positive and negative.  Below are some of the themes that have come out of the questionnaire and anything the school does, or has done in response.
  Positives   Positives 

School plays

Focus on wider curriculum

Personal development

Nurturing the whole child

Golden mornings

Inclusive and supportive ethos

Pastoral care

Supportive of families through tough times

Mixed year groups

Topics and choice of homework projects

Approach to bullying

Social and emotional support provided

SATs booster groups

Communicating about what can be done at home

Great learning environments

Extra-curricular opportunities

Opportunities such as library, peer mediator, allotments


Code club

Topics, trips and golden mornings

Reading opportunities

Y5/6 play and Hill Top

Encouraged use of impressive vocabulary

Nursery- safe and supportive environment


Pastoral support

Chinese club

Writing club

Approach to KS1 SATs

Volunteering opportunities



Areas for development School response

Inconsistency in job share expectations e.g. behaviour

Embedding of the positive behaviour policy should hopefully ensure this doesn’t happen

Wanting to know KS1 SATs results

This is shared with parents should they ask for it.  Something to think about including on the report next year

Too much homework in Reception

Streamlined homework across the school

SEN- anxiety about next year

Better communication among teachers regarding transition to new classes

Transition is an area we will be looking at in detail when it gets to the summer term.  No

Anxiety about changes in routine, getting things wrong

Anxiety about coming to school

Work in PSHCE and assemblies linked to mental health and knowing how to cope and deal with feeling anxious

Homework traumatic!

Shared expectations with both parents and children re homework expectations not just for SEN pupils, but all.




Areas for Development School Response

Observations at lunch and break could be improved

Governors are including this area in their walk once a year on each site


Procedures for contacting teacher with problems

Lack of regular homework

Home reading books too easy

Clear guidelines shared at the ‘Welcome to’ meetings at the beginning of the year linked to contacting teachers, homework and reading that is consistent across the school.

Lack of listening to children’s views at a whole school level

Each class has a school council representative who takes the views of children to regular school council meetings chaired by a teacher.  These views are listened to, responded to and reported to Senior Leadership - should the need matter need to be addressed further.

Would like to see children’s work more than twice a year at parent’s evening.

Parents are invited in for special sharing afternoons

Art should be more about self-expressing rather than copying existing artwork

There is a curriculum spotlight on all foundation subjects this year.