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Plants of Asda: after-school sale

Thank-you to everyone who turned up to our very first Gardening Club plant sale on Thursday - at the last minute and in a fair amount of rain! Our volunteers were thrilled to be able to practise their spoken language skills when encouraging potential buyers to their stall. They had great fun promoting the joys of plant ownership when engaging with parents and school staff, persuading many of you to part with your cash! Volunteers were so enthusiastic they toured every nook and cranny of the building to promote their wares to whomever they could find and even popped themselves into the following Friday's assembly to sell any that remained! We really also need to thank Asda in Cambridge that donated such a fantastic range of quality plants for us to sell to help us raise much-needed funds. We raised a whopping £175 which in the face of rising living costs is a tremendous show of support by everyone involved. We hope to be able to hold more plant sales in the future. Thanks to you, our community volunteer Bet - and her brother Peter - and generous Asda staff, we are now really looking forward to doing some gardening shopping! 

Birds: Help Please

Our nature area and courtyards now attract so many birds that we are flying through our supply of fat balls faster than we can restock them! We would really appreciate some donations once school reopens.

School Pond: Help Please

We are certainly blessed at Hardwick site with some very generous parents who have already donated a number of items to help establish our club. This means we now have enough tools, watering cans, hoses, gloves, bird seed and fat balls to begin this new year efficiently and we are very grateful for this support. Money that has been kindly donated is being used to top up our on-going need for supplies and to begin developing the pond which the club has taken on from Autumn 2019. If anyone would like to help develop our pond, we ideally need the following plants:

  • Water Lillies
  • Rushes e.g. Bull Rushes
  • Creeping Jenny
  • Fritillaria
  • Willow Herb
  • Mare's Tail
  • Purple Loose-strife


School Hedgehogs: Help Please

Later this Autumn term, as part of our hedgehog rehabilitation programme, we have 4 new hoglets arriving who were recently found in a digger. We are very excited about these new arrivals and the club will take care of these hoglets, but they will need feeding and so any donations would be very welcome. Hedgehogs can't eat fish, milk or bread but they can eat cat food (not fish). The best flavour is chicken in jelly (not gravy), so if anyone could donate any food it would be a great help to us. They also eat cat biscuits (not fish). We also need clean straw as bedding if anyone can provide this.

School Fish: Help Please - UPDATE

As many of you will already know, our class fish-tank suddenly cracked and broke recently which caused quite a disturbance. Kasey and Eva in Year 6 were on the case immediately and sent out an urgent plea for help via parent mail; we were all touched by the speed and number of responses they received. In the end, Bella (in Year 5) persuaded her brother (ex-pupil Elijah) to donate us his tank that was big enough to rehouse Marbles and Tango who have also adopted his lonely sucker-fish Lemmy! Other kind donations from you mean the children now also have a budget to manage when looking after their fish and were excitedly planning a trip to Nutty about Pets before school closed. We would really like to thank everyone who offered to help and Miss Haji would like to congratulate Kasey and Eva for managing their E-mail communication with parents so efficiently and with such maturity - and for putting their writing skills to such good use and for real purpose!