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Many people in the world wear a uniform of some kind when they go to work.  The wearing of a uniform is something that identifies who you are, where your work and can tell others the kind of person you are. 


At Hardwick and Cambourne Primary School, we are Happy, Confident, Creative, Proud and Successful individuals and the uniform we wear is there to identify us and the pride we feel in being at HCCPS.  Our uniform is there to make sure that we are appropriately dressed, safe and ready to work. 

The uniform policy for our school has been created so that it can be purchased from nay different retailers, including charity and second hand providers, so that it gives value for money for parents and carers and it is readily available.  The uniform does not need to have the school's logo on and many of the items that are available with a logo are an optional choice.


The required items of school uniform are:

A white/blue polo shirt (with or without school logo)

A navy sweatshirt or cardigan (with or without school logo)

Dark coloured trousers, shorts or skirt

Black shoes


During the warmer months, blue checked/gingham summer dresses/skorts, which are available to purchase from many retailer, may also be worn but this is not a requirement

In Year 6, the pupil uniform is a red polo shirt and black sweater/cardigan. 


The required items of school uniform for PE Kit on PE days are:

Plain white/ blue t-shirt (with or without school logo)

black, blue or grey tracksuit bottom or shorts

Black, blue or grey sweatshirt or hoodie (no teamwear or tops with large lettering)

Socks and trainers


If you wish to purchase uniform we now use Nationwide School Uniform as our supplier.  They can provide all items listed below for either delivery to your home, for a small fee, or you can opt for school delivery and it will be delivered for free on a specified day once a month.


Items for sale include the following:

Sweatshirts, V-Neck and Crew Neck in Navy and Black (with school logo)

Cardigans in Navy and Black (with school logo)

Polo Shirts in White, Sky Blue and Red (with school logo)

Book Bag in Royal Blue (with school logo)

PE T-Shirts in White (with school logo) 

Fleece Jacket in Navy (with school logo)

Nursery T-shirts in Sky Blue or White (with school logo)

Nursery sweatshirts in Navy (with school logo)


If you can't find the size you are looking for in any of the uniform please email and we will do our best to help. We do hold some sample uniform sizes at our Cambourne site if you would like to see or try them before purchasing.


Please find below the link for you to order our branded uniform:


Nationwide School Uniform


We do also have a large selection of second hand items, both with school logo and unbranded at both sites so please contact and we will do our best to help.