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Playing Maths Games

Playing Maths Games


Whilst there is a wealth of fantastic maths games available online, they don't all have to be computer-based. There are many ways in which you can bring maths to life for your child through fun games and activities.   


Board and card games can be great for developing a child's maths skills.  Playing these can be an excellent way for children to become comfortable with our number system, spotting patterns and giving them chance to experiment with numbers.


Some great board games have been listed below. Do let us know if you have found any others.


Snakes and Ladders



Card games

Stop The Bus

  • Create some bus tickets and give each player an equal number (maybe 2 or 3 each)
  • Draw a card from either the deck or the waste pile, then discard one card.
  • Try to get your three cards to as close to 31 as possible, in the same suit
  • Shout "Stop the Bus" to end a hand when you think you have the best score
  • The lowest score at the end of a hand loses a bus ticket
  • The last player with a ticket is the winner

The number can of course be changed to 21,41 etc.