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Clothing Recycling Bins

Our new textile recycling bins have arrived! we are using for our recycling.  We will be paid a commission based on weight much like the "bags2school" scheme we have previously used.  As a quick over view of what the company does, we have put some info below.  We will still be looking for second hand uniform to sell so please do still consider donating this directly to us, anything that can not be sold to families will then be sent for recycling. 


What can we put in the bin? 


Well, that’s a hard one because most people would put in any items that may be wearable, but we will always find items that are not wearable - including branded/advertising clothing to items that may be soiled or ripped. We don’t accept pillows and quilts, but we do accept bed linen. We only want reusable quality clothing, paired shoes, bags, bedding, towels and soft toys. We will also accept good quality sleeping bags to help our homeless community.  Please don’t worry too much because all over-worn items that are not usually fit to wear would be recycled further and many garments sent to developing countries to give a second chance at recycling. 


Any dry textiles can be put into any of our textile recycling bins, some are sent to third world countries free of charge, so you can be assured that nothing will be filling our landfill sites.

We recycle all types of clothing, accessories and household fabrics, including shoes, bags, belts, hats, gloves, bed linen, towels, knitted wool balls and sleeping bags.


Once we have collected and emptied your bin, all items are hand sorted and separated for specific destinations around the world. All Grade A clothes consist of being 100% wearable, in good shape and colour with no marks or stains and these will be sent to shops just like the second-hand shops we have in the UK. We supply shops in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, The Czech Republic and many more countries where they will be resold to help those struggling communities


Closer to home and here in the UK, all new underwear including new socks and any brand-new unused soaps and toiletries are given to our charity partner, Hands On London, whose volunteers distribute these to our vulnerable homeless people on the streets of London. Similarly, any sleeping bags are donated to our homeless charities and we have recently donated a generous supply to The Spitalfields Crypt Trust.


We quite often receive new balls of knitting wool which we pass on to our ladies at The Samaritans who in turn pass on, free of charge, to other knitting enthusiasts who make soft toys for children and donate them to paediatric hospitals and children’s charities; nothing is wasted. 94% of the clothes we collect are kept out of landfill sites.  We are truly passionate about recycling unwanted clothes and reducing environmental damage as much as possible.


Cambourne Recycle Bin is located at the main gates.




Hardwick Recycle Bin is located to the left of the School office