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Year 5/6

What's happening in Year 5/6?

As we returned to school after lockdown both sites spent some time reflecting on their experiences and hopes.


On the Cambourne campus we reflected on what we were grateful for and how we could show our gratitude. We all completed a leaf for the tree of gratitude.


On the Hardwick campus lockdown made us think about the kind of world in which we want to live. We hope tomorrow’s world will listen to us and can learn the lessons history has to teach us about tolerance and forgiveness. Our tips would be to recycle; to be kind to each other; to look after fauna and flora; and to keep washing our hands to fight all germs, not just COVID 19! 

Golden Age of Islam

Having looked at Islamic architecture and geometric patterns in Islamic art we created some Islamic windows and skyline art. To find out more about mosques and the features of them we made our own small models.

Book week Hardwick Campus

During  book week we explored the 'Journey' trilogy by Aaron Becker. We decided to share our learning through art and our own imaginary doors.