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ELKLAN was devised by Henrietta McLachlan and Liz Elks, who were Speech and Language Therapists, to effectively support children with their speech, language and communication needs.  This allows children to develop their ability to understand, listen and talk with support from a member of staff in our school setting in a fun and friendly environment.  Having an ELKLAN Teaching Assistant in school allows our children to receive regular support.   Each child who is referred for this support, benefits from having 1-1 sessions or where appropriate, working in a group with other children with similar needs.


Our experienced TA understands the development of speech sounds and has knowledge of clear strategies to support a child in developing their speech.  She also has experience of working with children who have a lisp, a lateral lisp or who stammer. 


ELKLAN also supports children with expressive, receptive and social use of language difficulties.  Expressive language is choosing the right words and being able to grammatically put them into a sentence.  Receptive language is understanding the meaning of words in sentences, including implied meaning e.g. “pull your socks up” and remembering what we have heard.  The social use allows us to say something in the right tone, in an appropriate manner whilst using non verbal communication.