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Art Golden Afternoon

Art Themed Golden Afternoons

We are very lucky to be able to extend our students artistic opportunities across the school through Golden Afternoons. Take a look at the fantastic artwork happening during Golden Afternoon.  

If you have a special artistic talent which you would like to share with our students, please get in touch. 



Our students have been applying their art skills creatively in our Comics Golden Morning. The children have been designing their own characters and plots to create their own brand of comics. Kashia has been inspired by the popular Manga style to create her comic. 

Famous Artists - Keith Haring  

At Cambourne, some children have chosen to delve into the world of art by studying famous artists. This week they started with the famous Keith Haring. Keith Haring was famous for creating murals with bold, bright colours with thick outlines with a cartoon style. Our students have been creating their own murals in the style of Keith Haring in a variety of creative ways. Bodhi wanted to create a mural using just dogs because he loves them. He cut them out and arranged them to make his mural. Alfie decided he would use the window to trace his favourite pictures to create his mural. Kayla decided to use Keith Haring as inspiration and sketched her own mural freehand. 




Funny Faces 

We love to laugh at HCCPs and our golden afternoon was the opportunity to do just that as well as learning about a very famous artist. Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1526 – 1593) was an Italian painter who is now well known for creating portraits made out of fruits and vegetables as well as lots of other object. The children in their golden afternoon looked at the different examples of his work and then tried to create their own work inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. What do you think of these funny faces? 

Finger Painting

Another artistic opportunity for our students was to explore the potential of finger paint. Armed with only finger paints, paper and a pen, the children were able to create a wide variety of artwork using their imagination. By using a thumb print, the children were able to create people, flowers, animals and much more.