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Keyworker Childcare Club Archive: 2019 - 2020

Hello everyone! Some of us are still at school but it feels very different without all of you. On this page you can follow what we get up to - maybe you will be inspired to do the same at home. 

Week 1 - 23rd March 2020

We have been so lucky with the weather on week 1- we have made the most of the glorious sunshine by doing everything outside. We start every morning with working through our learning packs, then move onto various activities following the children’s interests for the rest of the day. It feels like we are all one big family doing yoga, art, science experiments, pond dipping, car racing ... the list goes on!

Clay faces

Daisy Face

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The story of the Destroyer

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A fabulous oral story telling from one of our year 3 students.

Hard Wicks part 1

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Joe Wicks has nothing on us. Follow the Hard Wicks exercise routine - authentic and child led, yet guaranteed to make you sweat!

Hard Wicks part 2

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Egg Parachute Challenge

Since Easter is approaching we have been designing some egg-cellent egg parachutes! The children decided which materials to use to build their parachutes and how to protect their (boiled) eggs from impact when they hit the ground. We then launched the parachutes from the roof and checked which eggs survived the landing without a crack.

Egg parachute 1

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Egg parachute 2

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Postcards to our friends and family

Tennis stars

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We tried out Mr Atkinson’s challenge!

Bye bye Alex the chef

Pond dipping

Fishing for spawn

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We collected frog spawn to grow tadpoles in our outdoor area.


Snack time in the wild

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