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Easter Challenges

Over the Easter Holidays, why not try one of these great challenges? Don’t forget you can share your hard work by emailing the school office with the subject 'Maths Challenges FAO Miss Renshaw/Mrs Elliott'. We would love to hear from you.



Eggs in Baskets (KS1)



How did you tackle the problem? Where did you start? What did you do next?


Making Maths: Birds from an Egg (KS2)


Use the link below to download and print the complicated egg template. You can then cut it out to make various different birds. Can you make the 6 suggested birds? How about creating a few of your own?


How many eggs? (KS2)

Peter, Melanie, Amil and Jack received a total of 38 chocolate eggs.

Jack had one less than Peter.

Peter had 5 less than Melanie.

Amil had half as many as Melanie.

Peter had 2 more than Amil.

How many eggs did each person have?


Where did you start? What did you next? What was the trickiest part to work out?


The White Rose have produced some fun activities to try at home. Why not give them a go!


The Cambridgeshire Maths Team has created a fantastic range of indoor and outdoor maths challenges for you to try at home and in your garden. Each challenge contains 20 different activities for you to try.


Key Stage One (indoor)


Key Stage One (outdoor)


Key Stage Two (indoor)


Key Stage Two (outdoor)


For further challenges written by the Cambridgeshire Maths Team, please click the links below.


The Mathematical Mansion (Year 5/6)