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Summer Term Homework Update

We will be focusing on reading and spellings this term. You will need to make sure you are reading regularly at home each week (at least 3 times) and practising your spellings (at least 3 times). You need to be reading a mixture of fiction and non-fiction texts. The more you read, the more this will help you with vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, grammar and writing. Reading is also fun!

Books can be borrowed from school and taken home to read, but must be checked out first with your class teacher. If these are lost, they will need to be replaced by your parents so look after them. You will not be in trouble if accidents happen, so please be honest if you misplace a book or it gets damaged. Reading Planet via the English page is an online option and this page also has reading recommendations:

Home-school spelling books (blue)  can be used at home to practise your word-lists. You can be tested at home and then move on a list. You will also be tested in school, but in your spelling jotter (red). All spelling lists can be taken home from school and are also available on the English webpage:

Spelling Frame should be used at home to practise lists and rules. This can count as 1 (or more) of your 3 (or more) spelling activities each week. If we put any test lists on Spelling Frame, we will tell you first so you know you need to look for these. Meantime, use this resource to practice rules and homophones. We will add your 100 year-group words as lists of 10 as soon as we can to help you.

If you would like to independently research our new topic - The Golden Age of Islam - we will share and celebrate your work in school. Ask your teacher if you’d like some websites to help you gather facts for any independent topic-project of your own.