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Hardwick's Hogs

Rudolf was the very first hedgehog to move into our nature area. He lived in a dedicated pen for two weeks before we opened the door and let him leave to begin his new life in the wild. We hope he has by now found a mate and will choose to live in our nature area and neighbouring gardens for years to come. We will be forever thanking Mary Barrow, of Befriend a Hedgehog, who gave us the opportunity to become part of this wonderful conservation project and Alan Everitt who built us such a super pen that has since provided a comfortable and safe starter-home for Wanda, Groot, Rosie, Jim and Prickles. Soon, four new hoglets who have been rescued from a digger, will be joining our hedgehog family and children are very excited about meeting them. How you can potentially help with this project, can be found in the 'parental support' section.

Meet Frosty - our luckiest lockdown hedgehog

Frosty is one lucky hoglet. We managed to rehome him just before school had to lock down. He is the 11th hedgehog we have helped rehabilitate. He is our first ever hog to prefer hedgehog food to cat food! We hope he will wake up from his hibernation and enjoy his new life in our nature area which is soon going to be blooming with wildflowers again now that the warmer spring sunshine is arriving. We have a lot of tidying up to do in our area, once we can get our club up and running again, but meantime the wildlife still love it just as it is - they won't care that it has become a bit too wild again whilst we have been stuck at home!

Our New Arrivals: mum and her 4 tiny hoglets

We have now had a vote and named our most recent array of hogs. We decided to call mum Dotty and her 4 hoglets have been named Pea-Tree, Russell, Snuffles and Spike. Our newest family thrived under the care of our dedicated gardening team (with the weekend help of the invaluable Mrs Berkley) and has now been released from its pen. We very much hope they will move in alongside our other project-hogs and live happy and healthy lives in our school grounds and neighbouring gardens. This means that to date we now have re-homed 10 hedgehogs and we are ready to adopt more as the need arises - probably not until after hibernation now, so in the Spring term. Thank-you to parents who supplied cat food and fencing to help us with this wonderful project.