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Hardwick's Hogs

Rudolf was the very first hedgehog to move into our nature area. He lived in a dedicated pen for two weeks before we opened the door and let him leave to begin his new life in the wild. We hope he has by now found a mate and will choose to live in our nature area and neighbouring gardens for years to come. We will be forever thanking Mary Barrow, of Befriend a Hedgehog, who gave us the opportunity to become part of this wonderful conservation project and Alan Everitt who built us such a super pen that has since provided a comfortable and safe starter-home for Wanda, Groot, Rosie, Jim and Prickles. Soon, four new hoglets who have been rescued from a digger, will be joining our hedgehog family and children are very excited about meeting them. How you can potentially help with this project, can be found in the 'parental support' section.