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New permanent residents at Hardwick and Cambourne Primary School

On Wednesday 8th July, 3 of the late Tony Hillier's sculptures were moved to their new homes in and around our school.  

Many years ago I contacted Tony to see if he would like to work with a group of children during a Golden Morning, to create a sculpture for our school.  I didn't know that he was poorly at the time, but his wife said he would have loved to.  Sadly, he soon passed away.  Then in December 2019 I saw a post on the Histon Facebook page, saying that his wife wanted to find new homes for his sculptures.  I was one of the first to get in touch, and was allowed to choose 3 of his pieces of work: 1 large one for Hardwick Village to enjoy, and two smaller ones - one for each of our school sites.

In January 2020, I then asked my class which of the smaller ones they'd like to have at Hardwick. They then voted, and so it was that the Chicken would be at Hardwick, and the Face would go to Cambourne. 

By March 2020 I had secured several parent volunteers to help move the sculptures.  We were good to go... but then Covid happened.

As soon as I was back in school at the end of June, it was all systems go.  And so, on Wednesday July 8th 2020, in the rain, a team of parents and staff collected, transported, broke, fixed, welded, dug, cut and secured the 3 amazing sculptures into place.  The old man with his dog, holding owls on a stick, has gone on the grass just outside Hardwick's main entrance, the Chicken by the front entrance, with the Face being place in Cambourne's Wildlife Area.   Children in both Miss Renshaw's and Mrs Williams' bubbles have already painted them with a special mixture, which will help to preserve them for years to come.

Joan Hillier, Tony's wife, has since contacted me, saying how happy Tony would be with the sculptures new homes! 

Our story was also posted on BBC News Online, back in March, then again in July. The links to these are below:

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