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Year 5 Daily Maths

Well done Year 5! We miss teaching you maths in school and look forward to being with you again soon. 


This week we will continue with 'Converting Units' and focus on 'Converting Units of Time'. If you feel like you need a quick recap on what you learnt in Y4 scroll to the bottom of this page and there are some links.

It is worth opening the knowledge organiser to help you with the basics.



After watching the Power Point you can choose some questions from the 'Varied Fluency' and the 'Reasoning/Problem solving' activities. Remember to mark your work as you go. The small star in the corner of each sheet indicates the level of difficulty. Try to complete a total of 8 - 10 questions.

D = Developing (1 star)

E = Expected (2 stars)

GD = Greater Depth (3 stars)

Converting Units of Time

Watch this useful video if you want to see more about Converting units of time.



Try out the True or False question.


These discussion questions are designed to give you more opportunities to enhance your reasoning and problem solving skills through more challenging problems. You can decide how best to tackle the problem, as there is often more than one answer or more than one way to work through the problem. There may be various answers for each problem. Where this is the case, we have provided one example answer to guide discussion. 


If you need more practise at converting units of time, you can go back to the work from yesterday and have a go at some more questions which you didn't complete.



You will be learning about Timetables today. Go through the Power Point and then have a go at the 'Varied Fluency' questions. You do not need to complete them all (6-8 questions is plenty). 


The work you are having a go at today is a follow on from yesterday's work. It will be a chance for you to attempt some 'Problem solving and reasoning' style questions. Please go over the Power Point from yesterday if get stuck. Again, 6-8 questions is enough.


Today you have a choice of activities, you can continue with practising the work you have been doing with more examples of questions or you could try out some of the Nrich links.

Converting Units of Time (Hours, Minutes, Seconds) Y3-4