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Year 5 Daily Maths Tasks

Hello everyone!laugh

We hope you have had a restful weekend and are excited for another week of home learning.

Here are some fun games which will help you practise the skills you need to convert measures. Try all three games out if you find the tasks tricky.



This week we will be building on your knowledge from Year 4 and exploring 'Converting Units'.

This Knowledge Organiser may be useful to keep looking back at.


Today's learning will cover conversion of Milimetres and Mililitres. Once you have worked through the Power point you can choose from a 1,2 or 3 star activity sheet.


When you check your answers make sure you look at the question number carefully.

Developing(D) =1 star, Expected (E) = 2 star and Greater Depth (GD) = 3 star.

VF = Varied fluency.

R and PS  = Reasoning and Problem solving.


It will be a good idea for you to discuss these problems with someone at home if you can. There are four different 'Discussion questions' that you can try out. They are all based on your learning from the past two days.



This lesson may need to be split between today and tomorrow as there is a lot to get through. You will be looking at Metric and Imperial Measurements. 


If you managed to finish the work yesterday try these out.