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Year 5 Daily Maths Tasks

Hello and welcome back to another week of home learning.

This week we will be looking at a new area of learning 'Geometry - Position and Direction'. If you want to send in your work or want to share something you are proud of please email the office FAO Mrs Samuels. 


Today you will learning about 'Position within the 1st Quadrant.' If you are not secure with coordinates watch the video below.

Coordinate Plane and Ordered Pairs Song | 1st Quadrant

Geometry - Position and Direction Knowledge Organiser

Want to push yourself and try something a bit different? Try this logical problem. Explore the 'Getting started' section if you are stuck and see if your 'solution' matches the others sent in from children around the world.


Today you will be looking at 'Reflection'. Worksheet 1 is there if you are finding this tricky. Otherwise have a go at Worksheet 2.

Want to try something else? This is a reflection/coordinates challenge, you will need to work systematically and keep re reading the clues to check you are on track. There are some helpful 'getting started' and 'solution' tabs. Don't worry about rotational symmetry too much.


In maths today you will be exploring 'Translation'. The questions where you have to draw on the sheet can be done without printing the sheet off- you can tell an adult and point to the correct place on the screen.

Optional extra activities for translation.


Building on from what you learnt yesterday, today we will be looking at 'Translation with coordinates'.


Today's task is to play Battleships. ENJOY! 


If you have played Battleships already this week try one of these activities.