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Year 3/4

Hardwick Y3/4 Welcome and information letter

Upcoming Dates

Year 3/4 Welcome Meeting

Wednesday 11th Sept 3.30pm

Hardwick and Cambourne


Parents' Evenings

Miss Renshaw:  7th and 8th Oct

Mrs Creamer: 7th and 8th Oct

Mrs Kerss: 7th Oct

Miss Knight: 8th Oct

Mr Atkinson: 7th and 8th Oct

Mrs Hitchings: 7th and 8th Oct

Miss Miles: 7th and 8th Oct

Miss Hancock: 7th and 8th Oct



Caribbean Day (parents welcome)

Miss Knight's class 9th Oct 2:30pm

Miss Renshaw's class 10th Oct 2:30pm

Mrs Creamer's class: 7th Oct 2:30pm

PE Days

Miss Renshaw: Mon and Thurs

Miss Knight/Mrs Kerss: Weds and Fri

Mrs Creamer: Mon and Fri

Miss Hancock: Weds and Fri

Miss Miles: Mon and Fri

Mrs Hitchings: Mon and Weds

Mr Atkinson: Mon and Fri


Bikeability (Y3 only) both sites 4th Oct

Grafham (Y4 only)  Hardwick 1st -3rd June

                                Cambourne 10th - 12th June