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Year 3

Hi everyone,


Welcome back after half term. We hope you’ve had a good half term and are feeling refreshed and rested for the half term ahead.


This week in maths, Year 3s, you will be recapping addition and subtraction. This will build on the leaning you’ve already done in school. We feel it is really important to keep these skills alive.


Please note that this week we are completing White Rose’s alternative unit. This means that for this week, we will not be following the White Rose website. This is because White Rose has repeated a unit that we have already covered within our home learning. Instead, please click on the video links below and then on the PDFs to download the activities and answers.


As always, remember to just try your best and do what you can.


If you would like to access the school’s calculation policy at any point, please follow the link below.

Lesson 1 - Add and subtract 2- and 3-digit numbers