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Year 2 Maths



This week we will be consolidating and extending our knowledge of time and revising a broad range of the topics we have covered this year. By the end of Year 2, children should be able to tell the time quickly and confidently to the nearest 5 minutes as well as having a good general knowledge of time e.g. knowing there are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week etc. Click on the star above to find the lovely activities. Watch the relevant White Rose video first before doing each WR sheet. Have fun and keep practising telling the time and calculating often over the summer! E.g. working out how long it is until lunchtime laugh


As always, have fun, work at your own pace and in the order you prefer.


Times Tables Rockstars

All children in Year 2 have access to the Times Tables Rockstars website. This is a great website for practising times tables and lets your child's maths teacher see how they are getting on with their times tables learning. Try and make sure your child is using TTRockstars at least once a week to help them learn their times tables. If you do not know your child's log on details please email the correct school office to ask your child's maths teacher for their log on and password. We are looking forward to seeing how they are doing! 



This week we will be learning about shape. There are lots of activities below to work through but as always - work at your own pace and don't feel like you need to do them all. Why not start off with some games and talking about the shapes you can see in your home or out and about on a walk! Where an activity may be more challenging this is marked as a challenge in the activity description. You'll also find some links to some useful websites and online shape games. Have fun, and remember to share your work with us - we love seeing what you've been up to!


Unfortunately, there is no White Rose video available for shape, but we will continue to link other videos if they're available in the coming weeks. 

Getting started

Year 2 additional suggested home learning maths activities

Keep working through the maths home learning that was sent home in the home learning packs. If you have finished that then access the year 2 work on the White Rose and I SEE MATHS sites. They are both excellent websites.


Look at the useful websites page on the year 1-2 page to find online maths games to support maths home learning and check out the maths page on the school website.


We hope you are doing lots of lovely maths at home! If you need any help you can email your child's maths teacher through the school office. Please make sure you write the name of the teacher the message needs to be forwarded to in the subject heading of your email. We are happy to helpsmiley 



Your teachers are working hard to plan, create and upload resources for you whilst the school is closed. The links below are currently being updated and will be moved further up the page once ready.