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Year 1/2 Gallery. Look what we have been up to!

Welcome to our gallery. We hope you enjoy looking at the lovely things the children have been doing and gather some ideas for projects you might like to do at home. In year 1/2 we encourage children to do practical projects at home that follow their own interests. Projects might be linked to the topics we are covering in school or they could be about anything the children are interested in. We love seeing all of their creative ideas and hobbies!

Space - Strange things have been happening!

We have just begun our topic about Space and Aliens and today something very strange happened. Something has crash landed on our school field! Have a look at the photographs for yourself and see what you think could have happened. How do you think it arrived on the school field? What do you think it is made from? What could be inside it? Why do you think it landed on our field? We will be investigating this more in school. 

At home you could...

  • Draw your own picture of the crash site and label it
  • Print a photo of the crash and write a description of it
  • If you think there might be an alien you could draw and label what you think it might be like
  • Make your own spaceship and bring it in to show us

We love to see your projects from home!


Spaceship crash site on the school field

Crash site fenced off with tape that says 'Danger'Strange yellow marks on the playground floorUnusual silver rock found on the playground

The Great Fire of London


We have been learning about the Great Fire of London in 1666. The children made their own houses after researching what houses would have been like during the time of the fire. We used lots of sources of evidence to try to work out what life would have been like at the time of the fire and what it would have been like to witness the fire. After learning about fire safety, we set out the houses close together in our windy playground. We were able to witness first hand how the fire spread from house to house, blown by the wind. We also discovered that there was a lot of smoke created by the fire, and this may have been the first thing people nearby witnessed before they saw any flames. 

20191113_140303 (1).mp4

Still image for this video