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Year 1/2

Welcome to Year 1/2. There are 6 classes across Key Stage 1 - four on the Cambourne campus and two on the Hardwick campus. Children are taught in a cross-curricular way where they are encouraged to investigate their own interests and be independent, enthusiastic learners.

Home Learning 



Our whole school theme is:

laughSports Day and Transitionlaugh

Hello everyone! 

This week our whole school learning will be around the theme of Sports Day and Transition! There are lots of brilliant new activities in the 'Weekly Project Pack' section of the Year 1/2 page as well as new Year 1 and Year 2 maths on the 'Weekly Maths' page. There are new activities in the 'Weekly Life Skills' section of the website too. 



Each week we will be continuing to provide a 'Weekly Project Pack' that contains a combination of English and topic subject activities for children to do at home. We will also be providing lots of lovely maths learning every week in the 'Weekly Maths' section of our page. Please work through the project packs and maths work with your children at their own pace, we hope you enjoy them.


Don't worry if you don't manage to get everything done, we would rather provide you with lots of ideas to choose from than have you struggling for ideas of what to do. We have added some new links to the reading and phonics year 1/2 page so do check those out this week as well as having a look at the daily lessons on BBC bitesize.


Thank you for sharing the lovely work and activities your children have been doing on Instagram and the school website. It has been lovely to hear from you by email too. If you would like your work to be shared, please send photos and short videos to the school Instagram account or send photos to the school office email address for sharing on the Year 1/2 page of the school website. 

Happy learning! 

The KS1 Team



The BBC has started doing daily lessons children on it's Bitesize website. These are great quality and cover the national curriculum objectives we would be doing in school. The site has a mixture of videos, online games and worksheets which cover a wide variety of subjects. Follow the link to see an example of what it provides  These are great for home learning. Your child can investigate any of the KS1 lessons they find interesting. 


Please also look at the English  and Maths pages on our website as they have lots of brilliant information and resources.

KS1 Challenge


One of our Year 1 students has come up with a great Lego challenge idea. Find the details below then send us your creations! Have you got a challenge idea too? Send it to the office and we can upload it for others to try.

Lego Challenge description

Lego Challenge example

Still image for this video
Fancy learning some jazz moves for VE Day? Miss Nemes has come up with a special routine just for you! Watch the videos below and get dancing!:)

VE Day Dance Routine

Song used: Five O'Clock Whistle by Bette Roberts, Joe Loss & His Orchestra

VE Day Dance Tutorial

Learn the moves with me through this video.

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Parent Feedback


Hardwick and Cambourne Primary School has really impressed us as parents by producing incredibly engaging topics which motivate our child. They regularly come out of school animated about what they have been learning about during the day and they especially love imparting their newfound knowledge onto others about their topic.


The KS1 teachers go above and beyond to ensure that a healthy balance of fun is incorporated into the education setting making the environment a positive one that encourages learning. This also extends to special topic/dress up days, planning etc whereby their attitude and preparedness instantly sets the tone for the children to make the most out of their days in school. An example of this was during the space topic when the teachers organised an 'alien spaceship crash' and the character Beegu visited, this was something that our son was very excited about, and he asked to do extra home learning on the subject. As a parent it is lovely to see your child so happy and excited about their day and topics at school. We are grateful to the staff for creating an enriched learning environment. 


We have also found the teaching sessions/workshops with parents (with the children involved) invaluable and very informative. Understanding the teaching methods and seeing the different methods used is vital to enable us to continue the learning process at home.