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Handwriting & Finger Gym

"We use finger gym to make our fingers super strong, which will help us have wonderful writing."

  • Encourage your child to be able to recognise and write their own name.
  • In school we use name writing cards, you will find a copy of this in your pink phonics book.
  • Encourage your child to engage in activities which strengthen their fingers and hands. We focus on this a lot in school and call it 'Finger Gym'.
  • Playing with playdough, pegging up washing, picking up peas or peeling an orange are all excellent activities to strengthen your child's fingers, which in turn helps them to hold a pencil effectively and write.
  • Click on the videos below for finger strengthening ideas and information on the correct tripod grip:

Pencil Grip Activity Ideas

Correct Tripod Pencil Grip for Writing