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What the Ladybird Heard

Yuvan went on a bug hunt in his garden but they seemed to be hiding and he couldn't find many. He then decided that he would make his own pond and go fishing. What a great idea Yuvan! He also made ladybirds using potato stamping. They look great ladybirds Yuvan! How many are there in total?

Morrissey has been on a bug hunt! He loved exploring the area outside his house looking for bugs, and recording his findings on his clipboard! Well done Morrissey! I noticed you are writing your name too now! A huge well done from us!

Toby managed to capture this beautiful picture of a damselfly! He did try to take some pictures of some caterpillars but they were just too wiggly!

Scarlett collected some twigs, leaves and flowers to make her own bug hotel. I bet the mini beasts will love living in there Scarlett. It looks very comfy! Did you think of a good place to put it?

Aadya made some amazing playdough creatures! She also caught a spider to have a closer look at.

Jakub has been on a bug hunt. He found a worm and looked at it closely through a magnifying glass. He also made some bugs out of playdough and painted a ladybird. Great work Jakub!

Henry placed the characters from the story on his map. He used the peacock and knight to represent Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len, what a great idea Henry! I like your picture of the duck and ladybird Henry. Well done!