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Weekly Sumdog Challenges

Sumdog Challenges

Well done! Mrs Hitchings (Cambourne) and Mrs Kerss/Miss Knight's (Hardwick) classes had the most children logging in and competing in our first maths challenges! Can you help your class to have the most participants next week?


Grace (Cambourne) and Frosso (Hardwick) for achieving the highest scores in the verb challenge.

Ellie (Cambourne) and Frosso (Hardwick) for achieving the highest scores in the spelling challenge.


  • Next challenge starting on Monday 6th April at 9am,  until Friday 10th April at 4pm.
  • 3 challenges - a reading, spelling and maths one.
  • Focused areas / skills have been chosen.
  • Can you reach the target over the week, of 250 correct answers?
  • Which class will have the most children logging in?
  • If you don't have your login details, please email the school office.

Good luck! 


Times Tables

You have been working so hard over the year with your times tables.  What we'd like is for you to keep this up!  Every week, please complete at least one Mathsframe multiplication tables check, just like you would in school.  Record the date and your score on the table below, and please let us know how you're getting on by emailing the school office.