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Thursday 17th December 2020


The children have enjoyed a final few days of festive activities. They have been decorating and undecorating the Nursery Christmas tree, as well as wrapping and unwrapping presents to go underneath. You'd be amazed at how long this will keep them busy for!  We don't mind though, these activities are great ways to develop fine motor skills, a bit like a Christmas finger gym workout!


Talking about wrapping presents, the children will have come home with a triangular shaped wrapped present. This is their gift to you!  Its a special keepsake which we hope you will treasure!  They wrapped it themselves, (with a tiny bit of help from the Nursery elves). 


On Tuesday we had a BIG surprise for the children, as the school had managed to arrange a special visit from the REAL SANTA! He visited the rest of the school at playtime, then came round to see us from a safe distance from the other side of the fence at  our outdoor area.  The children were so excited to see him and as you could imagine he was bombarded with questions and present requests! They all assured him they have been especially good this year, and we are pleased to confirm that we were able to back this up from our experience in Nursery: therefore we have no doubt in believing that they will all be on his nice list!


As we neared the end of the week, the children were understandably getting tired.  We had a couple of quiet sessions, where we watched part of a CBeebies panto (until they got bored) and 'The Gruffalo's Child' which had most of them engrossed the whole way through!  We would highly recommend that one if you are looking for a good thing to watch in the holidays. 


On Thursday we took part in a whole school Christmas assembly by zoom. It is always so lovely to be able to see all the other classes - even if only on the big screen. It helps give the children some sense that they are part of a large school community. Mr Hoban read a fantastic Christmas story, which was followed up by a viewing of all the Christmas window displays from across both sites.  They really did look amazing!  We all had a little dance at the end to some Christmas tunes - as you'll be able to see in the photos below. 


The team would like to say a huge thank you for all the cards, messages and gifts received at the end of term. We really do appreciate it and would like to say how much we have enjoyed teaching and looking after your children this term. They are all superstars!


Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope you all have a happy, peaceful and relaxing time and a very HEALTHY New Year. 


Love and best wishes, 

The Nursery Team x