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Week beginning 8th June Disney

Good morning everyone and welcome to a brand new week! This week all year groups will be learning through a new topic, which is 'Disney'. In Nursery, we know that lots of our children won't be familiar with many Disney films yet. We have planned some activities inspired by 'The Good Dinosaur' which we hope will appeal to everyone! You may wish to watch the movie, but if not, you should still be able to enjoy the dinosaur themed activities.

Challenge! This week's challenge is to make a paper plate dinosaur. You don't even have to use a paper plate! You could use anything you can find around the house, for example a cereal box would be a good substitute. If you don't have paints at home, you could just colour in with pens or colour pencils. Don't forget to send us any photos for the website at either or Have fun being creative!

Some other ideas to try...

You could create your own dinosaur excavation tub! Hide some dinosaurs, fossils or dinosaur bones in a tub of soil or sand. Use a toothbrush or paintbrush to carefully brush away the debris until you uncover some hidden dino treasure!

Maybe you could make your very own dinosaur footprint! A T Rex was said to have had a footprint as large as 1metre long and 46cm wide. Try measuring the footprint using things you have at home. You could use pieces of pasta, lengths of string, straws, cheerios, pieces of lego - the list goes on! How long was your dinosaur footprint? Was it longer or shorter than your own foot? Compare and talk about the differences.

Dinosaurs T-Rex Number Song | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Practise singing along with this song! See if you can learn all the words and make up some actions. Do recognise all the numbers?