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Week beginning 6th July 2020 Summer Carnival

Well we are nearing the end of term and we would like to say well done everyone for all your efforts to keep on learning at home during this time. You have all been doing a fantastic job and we are sure you must be looking forward to the summer holidays!  This week should have been the annual summer carnival, but unfortunately it has had to be cancelled. Our activities for the week have been inspired by this and will hopefully mean the children can still experience some of the fun!

This week's challenge is to hold your own carnival at home.  Can you plan a fun afternoon with music, food, games and prizes?  Maybe you could make your own stalls.  How about a BBQ or an ice cream stand?  Have a look at the ideas we have shared below. Please don't forget to send in a few pictures, we would love to see how you get on!

Some home made bunting will brighten up your carnival and get the party started! Cutting and drawing are a great way to help your child practise their physical development skills.

A bright and colourful mardi gras style mask would be a fun way to dress up for the day! These are super easy, using paper plates (a good old favourite of ours in Nursery!) You could add sequins, feathers, buttons or anything else you have at home to make yours extra special.

Why not make your own stall? Something like a lucky dip would be fun and easy to do. You could wrap up toys or sweets you already have at home!

Do some baking and have your own cake stand! Baking is a great activity to do as a family. Let your child help you weigh and mix the ingredients and talk about how the mixture looks different after baking.

Create a carnival atmosphere with face paints!

The highlight of the Hardwick and Cambourne carnival, for many children, is the soak the teacher stall. Just saying.....