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Week beginning 4th May 2020 VE Day Celebrations

This week we are working on a whole school theme to commemorate VE day, where this year we are reminded that it's 75 years since the end of the second world war. VE day was due to be marked by celebrations and street parties all over the UK, which sadly won't happen now. Maybe you could talk to your child about the fact that people were celebrating the end of a difficult time - with some similarities to our current situation in lockdown.  Perhaps you could hold your own party at home? Please send us your pictures in the usual way if you are happy to share what you have been doing on the website ( We really do love getting them and we are sure they must inspire other parents who might be struggling for ideas! Stay safe everyone and take care. 


CHALLENGE! Can you make a party hat using things from around the house? Red, white and blue colours would look great for a VE day party!

You could write a menu for your party, or a list for the supermarket shop! Make sure you are holding your writing tools correctly - a grown up at home will help you! Think of all those yummy foods you'd love to eat! What does your writing say? Can you read it back to someone?

You could also make some red, white and blue cakes for your party! Help a grown up measure and mix the ingredients. Can you take a photo of your finished cake, all by yourself?

How about making some home made decorations? This bunting looks great! See if you can help a grown up to cut out the triangles!

Or how about making some paper chains? These are quite easy to make, but you will need some help. If you have an older sibling perhaps you could do some together. Can you make a chain which is longer than you? How about your Mum or Dad?

Dressing up is a lot of fun, especially for a party! Can you find any red, white and blue clothes in your wardrobe? See if you can get dressed all by yourself! Don't forget to take lots of pictures!

A teddy bear tea party would be lots of fun to do, and would be a great way to use your imagination as you role play! A washing up bowl with some warm soapy water for doing dishes would be a great way to incorporate some water based play too. Now who would like a cup of tea?