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Week beginning 30th March

Home learning roll of honour, Friday 3rd April


Kicking off today's roll of honour is Jaxxon, who has been keeping very busy at home, cutting out playdough dinosaurs, drawing pictures of his house and family, and as you can see in these pictures below, writing a birthday message for his grandparents and making honey flapjack. Well done Jaxxon - I love how you have used your phonics to write out the list of ingredients and recipe for the flapjack. Keep up the great work!


Next up is Oliver, who drew a lovely picture of a rainbow and wrote a sentence about it. Well done!


Alba and her big sister, Rowan, enjoyed their own home 'golden morning' today and made these delicious chick cheese scones and Easter nests. They look delicious!


Next up is Tise, who has been hard at work with her numbers in the last couple of days. Here she is cutting up her learning pack numbers and putting them into the correct order, in addition she was proud to complete this Twinkl addition and subtraction butterfly activity. Great work, Tise!


Earlier this week, Aria told us about her first brocilli shoot that came up. A total of 6 plants are now growing which is fantastic news - Aria you are a much more successful gardener than us!. Mr Tod challenged Aria to write a list of instructions on how she planted her broccoli seeds, which she has met comprehensively. Well done Aria for using your phonics to write your instructions, and what a lovely picture!


Finally, Phoebe has been very busy this week, completing her diary each day; Miss Jones will be so impressed! Today Phoebe decided to write some words on her whiteboard, independently writing out each word. Phoebe also baked her first ever loaf of bread with her dad and brother, using her Grandpa's recipe. It looks truly scrumptious! She then carefully copied out her Grandpa's recipe into her Home Diary. What a dynamic day you've had, Phoebe :-) 

Hello to Friday 3rd April!

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Home Learning Roll of Honour Thursday 2nd April

Theo made a rocket using the instructions in his guided reading book - what an exquisite looking rocket! He then wrote a sentence about it; well done Theo, you are a superstar! As a challenge, can you write a second sentence to describe what your rocket looks like, or explain what shapes you used to build the rocket?!

Ella made this delicious looking banana cake, yum yum! Ella not only wrote the list of ingredients, but also wrote instructions for her cake. Great dedication and perseverance, Ella, and well done for using your phonics in your writing :-) 

Finally, in readiness for National Rainbow Day on Friday 3rd April, Lola drew this lovely rainbow to put in her window at home. She also practised her writing and wrote a lovely message for anyone who walks past her house to see. Well done Lola, what a lovely gesture!

Good night all - and, as Lola says, stay safe!

The Reception Team

Hello to Thursday 2nd of April!

Good morning everyone!


Hardwick Reception - Mrs Rand has taken Miss Jones up on her baking challenge and made some 'Easy Easter Nests'! We hope you enjoy watching her video below, and do have a go at making some yourself and post your photos and recipes to or



Thank you to everyone who sent photos of their learning and baking in yesterday, we will look to post these photos later today...

Best Wishes, The Reception Team

Mrs Rand makes Easter Nests!

Wow, we have received so many photos of children's baking and learning in the last 24 hours, it's blown us away! So, here goes with all the great things you did yesterday:

First up, a massive well done to Hana, who has concentrated really hard and used the resources from her learning pack to write these words on her whiteboard and blackboard. Well done Hana, Mrs Rand is so proud of you challenging yourself - keep up the good work!


Next up, Evie has also been making good use of the learning pack resources, putting the numbers from 1 to 20 into the correct order. She has also used worksheets to find missing numbers and work out one more and one less than a given number. Evie also baked some cakes. Wow, Evie, you have been working so hard, well done!

Next up, another Evie who has done a great job baking some delicious bread rolls! We are particularly impressed how Evie used her phonics to write out her recipe. Great job, Evie!

Layla has also been baking, she decided to make the same recipe as Miss Jones :-) It looks absolutely delicious Layla, and great work with your writing as well, it looks so neat!

Eleanor has also been enjoying her home baking and like Layla, chose to make a Miss Jones' inspired pizza! She also baked these delicious chocolate cupcakes. Well done, Eleanor!


Tise has also enjoyed some chocolate-themed baking, making some scrumptious looking brownies. Fantastic writing Tise and well done for writing the list of ingredients as well as the instructions, what a super star you are!

Finally, and last but certainly not least, is Lilly, who made these yummy looking cookies :-) Great writing Lilly, keep up the good work!

Hello to Wednesday 1st April!

Good morning all! To assist in handwriting practise at home, we have created a few short videos which show how we form each letter of the alphabet in Reception. We would encourage you to use one of these videos each day as you carry out daily handwriting practise with your child :-)



These videos can be found within the Home Learning section of the Reception webpage, in their own 'star' next to the Home Learning - Key Info 'star'. We hope you find these a useful daily resource!


Later today, we will post pictures of all the fantastic baking and learning that children have sent into Mrs Rand and Mr Tod... (brace yourselves - there are lots!)


All the best

The Reception Team

Hello to Tuesday 31st March!


A big well done to Elliot, who is the first to meet Miss Jones' cake challenge and not only made a delicious looking cake, but also wrote a list of ingredients and comprehensive set of instructions. Well done Elliot!


Aria has also been hard at work in the garden, and says "I've done gardening with my Mummy and Daddy! I'm growing broccoli and this is the first shoot that's come up. There is another little one growing too." Well done, Aria! How many seeds did you plant?


Finally, Lilly has been busy playing Numberblocks and Lola has been busy doing homemade maths games. I love the creative use of Lego blocks to help Lola in her maths - a great idea!!


We hope everyone has a great day, and keep sharing examples of your learning, we love to see what you have all been up to.

Best Wishes,

The Reception Team

Hello to Monday 30th March!

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Welcome back Reception to week 2 of home learning. We hope you had a great weekend and managed to enjoy the sunshine. This week the weather is looking less sunny so we have decided to have a ‘bake off/cook off’ week. We are inviting you to take up the reception challenge this week and step into the kitchen. You can cook or bake anything you like. Maybe you have a secret family recipe you would like to share with the rest of us? As you will see in the video, Miss Jones has been busy making ‘Pitta Bread Pizzas’ and has shared her list of ingredients and her delicious recipe. Whatever you decide to make, and it could be your favourite sandwich! We are challenging you this week to,


1.       Write a list of the  ingredients.

2.       Write the  instructions of how to make your recipe.


Remember to use the phonics sound mat in your packs and really listen to what sounds you can hear when writing. Remember to use your robot arms just like you would at school.


Email your recipes along with any photos to the office with Mr Tod or Mrs Rand in the subject line.  The office will then forward it onto the relevant staff member who will put them all on the web page to share. Don’t forget if you are on Instagram and want to share your photos with the rest of the school you can also send them in.


Keep watching our phonics sounds videos as this is something we would practice every day at school along with the tricky words. Keep visiting ‘Oxford Owl’ for your weekly reading books. Many of the books are exactly the same as we would be using at school and please keep writing in your reading record books to say what books you have been reading.


We are really looking forward to seeing everybody’s diaries when we return so keep writing a sentence a day and keep using your sound mats to help you. These diaries will be really quite special one day as we are living through unprecedented times. One day, they will be able to share these diaries with their children and grand-children.


Do keep referring back to our ‘Home Learning-Key Information’ section. It is jam packed (no pun intended!) with information, ideas and supporting websites and links.


Over the weekend, Adele has already been busy baking and made these delicious cheese scones. She used her maths skills when measuring and developed her fine motor skills when making the dough. Well done Adele! Can you write a list of ingredients and instructions for how you made these?




Happy Baking Reception!

The Reception Team