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Week beginning 2nd November 2020

This week we will be writing from our own real life experiences. We will be writing recounts of what we did over the half term holidays. Make sure you explain

  • What you did
  • Where you did it
  • When you did it
  • Who you did it with
  • If you would recommend it to other people and why

If you are feeling more imaginative you can then move on to writing about the best holiday you NEVER had!

Maybe you went to the moon and discovered lots of water and a friendly alien. Maybe you went on a dinosaur safari and discovered a new kind of dinosaur. Maybe you went on a holiday underground and entered a magical world of fairies and goblins. We can't wait to see what you imagine!


Here is how you can approach your writing over the week.

Monday - draw pictures and draft your ideas, talk about and make a plan of what you are going to say.

Tuesday - look at your plan and use it to write the first paragraph of your recount.

Wednesday - use your plan to write the middle and end of your recount.

Thursday - edit your writing for capital letters, full stops, interesting adjectives and make sure your writing makes sense. Can you add any details?

Friday - Use your edited work to write a final version of your recount in your best handwriting. 


Have fun, we can't wait to read about what you have been up to!