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Week Beginning 2nd December 2020

This week in English the children are free writing their own stories. They can make up stories about the character we have been learning about in school, characters from fairytales or stories about anything they are interested in. When you are helping them to think of ideas, encourage the children to set the scene in the beginning of the story and introduce the characters, have a problem in the middle of the story and solve the problem by the end. 


Suggested timeline

Monday - talk about some ideas for stories. Jot down ideas for characters, problems and resolutions. 

Tuesday - decide which ideas you are going to use and draw a story map or mountain.

Wednesday and Thursday - write your story.

Friday - Edit your story. Do a show where you tell your story. Could you and your family pretend to be the characters? Maybe you could video it and send it into school.


Have a great week.

The KS1 team