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Week Beginning 23rd November 2020

This week in English we are writing our own versions of the Lighthouse Keepers lunch story. Over the last 2 weeks children have planned what they want to write about and have explored using exciting adjectives to make their work interesting. 


Monday - Discuss and write down/draw plans of what the children are going to write about. The story must be set at the seaside and have Mr and Mrs Grinling as the main characters. There needs to be a problem in the middle of the story that is resolved by the end. 

Tuesday - Write a paragraph for the beginning of the story. Remember to describe the setting (seaside and lighthouse) and introduce the main characters (Mr and Mrs Grinling) and describe what they are like.

Wednesday - Write a paragraph for the middle of the story. Explore the problem and how the characters feel about it.

Thursday - Write the resolution to the problem and the ending of the story. How is the problem solved? How do the characters feel at the end of the story?

Friday - Edit your work. Practise any spellings you need to learn, make sure all of your sentences make sense and your punctuation is accurate. Add extra adjectives and adverbs to make your story even more descriptive and exciting. 


Have a great week!