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Week beginning 23rd March

Hello to Friday 27th March!

Friday 27th March

Good afternoon everyone! In the video above, you will see that the Gruffalo managed to find just two minibeasts in his garden; do you think you can find more than that over the weekend?


Do email across to or if you manage to beat the Gruffalo!


Alfred made a card for his best friend, Roary, to try and cheer each other up in this usual time where we can't meet up with our closest friends and family. Who can you make a card for this weekend, and send to them over the internet? Again, please do email us a copy of any cards that you write so we can celebrate your learning!


Lola has been challenging herself at phonics today, here she is sorting real and fake words on her tablet:

Well done Lola! And Tise has been having fun with shapes at home today, finding all the 2d shapes that are hiding in the plant pictures. Keep up the good work, Tise! Next, can you go on a 2d shape hunt in your house? Which shape do you think you will find the most of?

We hope you all have a great weekend and do come back on Monday for further updates and challenges. Mr Tod is in school for the week with key worker children, so any video posts might take a different format next week!


Best wishes,

The Reception Team 

Hello to Thursday 26th March!

Thursday 26th March 2020

Good afternoon everyone! What another gorgeous day it is today :-) 


Mrs Rand's class - Mrs Rand given you the following 'Cheeky Charlie Challenge' to carry out! (Cambourne Kids - have a go as well if you want to!!)


"Hi everyone!

As you know, Cheeky Charlie loves numbers and as usual has been busy taking the numbers from our class number line!

Cheeky Charlie would like you to work out what number he is holding. Here are some clues…

  • It is a two-digit number.     (Can you think what it might be?)
  • It is an even number.
  • It comes in between 11 and 13.

Remember to use your number line with the ‘Numicon’ pieces to help you!

Can you work out his number and tell an adult your reason?

You could choose another number and give someone at home a clue to see if they can guess it. 

Good luck!

Mrs Rand and Cheeky Charlie"


Mrs Rand also asked me to post the following pictures of Alicia, who has been working hard at her writing. Mrs Rand says: 

'Wow Alicia! Haven't you been busy!

Keep up the great work. Perhaps you could even try to write some of these words in a simple sentence. 

I would love to see that!"


Imogen has also been having lots of fun as she learns about shape and size, ordering different shapes from smallest to largest and creating a shape robot called "Bob"! Keep up the great work, Imogen :-)





If anyone else is missing their friends, or would like to know what other children in the school are getting up to, can we suggest you consider following the school's Instagram account? There are loads of photos from kids and teachers across both sites getting up to all sorts of fun, including several from Reception (Lilly, William, Salahuddin, Zep - love your posts!!). The school's Instagram account is called "hardwickandcambourne" and if you want to share any photos to that, email ""


Though please do continue to email or for our Reception webpage as well :-)


Finally, Miss Jones, building on Mr Tod's suggestion in today's video to go outside and see how many insects you can find, has found this great suggestion from 'Ace Early Years' to draw and label any minibeasts that you find. Who can find the most bugs?!


Best Wishes,

The Reception Team

Hello to Wednesday 25th March!

Good morning everyone and what a lovely day it is today :-) Well done to Bella, who created a gigantic Duplo tower yesterday that was so tall, she needed to stand on her bed to put the flag on top! Bella has also been practising her handwriting, looking at lots of books and on Sunday she learnt to ride her bike without any stabilisers. Well done Bella you are a superstar!



Today's lego challenge is to build something that floats... If anyone has anything they want to share, please send it through to

As well as practising tricky words with Miss Jones, you could also try singing along to these tricky word songs:


Phase 2


Phase 3


We hope you have a great day!

The Reception Team


Hello Hardwick and Cambourne Reception classes! 


Well done to Frank, who is the first child to send across a photo of his learning. He managed to make a prison that was an impressive 41 bricks tall! Well done for labelling it so neatly.



If anyone else wants to share their learning - whatever it is, whether Lego, junk modelling or anything else - please feel free to send it across to . As far as we are concerned, the more learning we can share, the merrier!


For anyone looking to keep up with the Lego 30 day challenge, today's project is to build something that flies...


At the end of the video posted below, Mr Tod mentioned a gym instructor called Joe Wicks ('The Body Coach') who puts on a daily, live, 30 minute PE workout (Mon-Fri) on YouTube at 9am. It's lots of fun and a great way for all the family to keep fit within the safety of our own homes. If you missed the session, you check out the video on link below:


Also Miss Jones gave it a try for the first time and sent across this photo to share with everyone:



Why don't you join us and give it a try tomorrow?!


We hope you and your families are all well,

Best Wishes

The Reception Team

Hello to Tuesday 24th March - introducing Alfred the Monkey!

Hello to Monday 23rd March!

Today's calendar

Hello and good morning to everyone at Hardwick and Cambourne Reception!


Every now and then we will suggest an idea or activity for you to do with your child; you do not have to do this at all, but thought it might help kids to know that their friends are trying to meet the same challenge :-)


Today's challenge:



You can find several different versions of this online, but each involves a calendar with different suggestions for what you can try and build each day. So, Day 1's challenge on the calendar's we've found are to:


* Build something tall

* Build a rollercoaster!


Below, you will find some photos of what my family managed to create. My son created a tower 19 blocks tall; who can create a tower that is more than 19 blocks high? Who can write a label for what they have built? Who can draw a picture of their lego creation and write about it in their Home Diary?


If anyone wants to, feel free to send a photo of their lego creation, or anything your child is proud of, to


At the end of each day, we will look to share any photos that have been sent to through so we can celebrate each other's achievements that day.


We hope you have a lovely day :-)

The Reception Team