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Week beginning 22nd June & 29th June Nature

Week two Nature.
Welcome to week two of nature. We hope you have been enjoying this topic and liked listening to the 'Stick Man' story. This week the weather is supposed to be cooler so hopefully it will be easier to get out and enjoy the nature all around us. 

This weeks challenge is to go on a nature walk and create a journey stick or bracelet of all the natural things you find on your walk. You could cover your stick or paper bracelet with double sided sticky tape. Can you identify everything you have found?

See if the children can peg up some leaves, with numbers on, into the correct order. You could add corresponding dots to help if they are unable to recognise numbers or just use dots. You could go up to 5 or 10.

Use natural things you find to create art. You could make a picture or pattern.

Get lots of leaves or herbs for the chidren to cut up using scissors. Using scissors helps strengthen the tiny muscles in the hand and improves coordination.

Try using natural materials such as stones to make the first letter of your name or you could try and create your whole name.

Try some nature stamping. Paint onto leaves and flowers and print onto paper.

Make a nature potion using flowers, leaves or herbs. What does each item smell like. What does you finished potion smell like? Tell an adult or sibling. Is there anything you could do to make it better?

Week one Nature.
For the next two weeks the whole school topic is 'nature'. This week in nursery we have linked some of the activities to the story 'STICK MAN'. Please find a video of Mrs Wisbey reading the story below.

Stick Man story.mp4

Still image for this video

Weekly Challenge! In the story 'Stick Man' he is thrown into a river and floats away before being picked up by a swan. Can you find lots of different items in your garden and one by one place them in some water to see if they float or sink. Remember to guess what you think will happen before you put them in the water

Here are some other activities you could try.

Try making a picture of stick man using twigs. You could glue the twigs onto paper and draw a face using a pencil or you could place them on the floor outside and use chalk to draw the face. Can you count how many sticks you have used?

Can you make some mud paint. Mix some mud and water together and add in some food colouring. Try painting on different textures in your garden. Maybe you could paint a picture on the path, wall, fence or a tree if you have one. You could even collect some leaves and twigs while on a walk and try painting on them.

Make a nature wand by wrapping thread around the end of a stick. You could also add in feathers and other decorations. Not only does it focus on developing motor skills when using your fingers to wrap the resources around the stick and cutting with scissors, it also encourages problem solving skills by identifying the string that is long enough to wrap around the stick.

Make your own game of Tik, Tak, Toe using natural materials. You could play with your siblings or mum and dad. This game is great for turn taking and problem solving skills.

See if you can make a picture of an animal using different leaves.

Use a stick to draw pictures, make different marks or even to try and write your name in mud. If you have a sand pit you could use sand instead.