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Week beginning 20th April

Welcome back!

Friday 24th April Celebration of Learning: PM


Adele enjoyed doing the 'little yellow chick' project, making a girl chick using coloured paper. It looks so cute! As today is a Friday, Adele had her own 'golden morning' and had fun with playdough. She made a plate for some fruit, a happy and sad face and a Hungarian style house using homemade playdough. They all look fantastic! Inspired by the 'Days of the Week' song, Adele has also been learning the days of the week in Hungarian. She recorded herself singing the song and you can view the video below. Amazing, Adele!


Ella made this beautiful cards for Mrs Ghandi and Mrs Berrio :-) You are the card queen, Ella! She has also done great work, making a loo roll chick and writing full sentences about the life cycle of a hen - well done for using your phonics in your writing, Ella!


Tise has been practising her handwriting, and met the challenge she was set earlier in the week, to write a sentence about each stage in the life cycle of a hen. Well done!



Eleanor has made a beautiful 50th birthday card for Mrs Berrio, and she and her little brother, Charlie, made these two cute chicks. Fabulous!


Frank also made a birthday card for Mrs Berrio, his is space-themed!


Blossom had great fun creating a loo roll chick, as you can see below :-)

She also made a birthday card for each of Mrs Jakes, Mrs Gandhi and Mrs Berrio - what beautiful cards, Blossom!


Finally, Bella has created her own chicken puppet show, which hopefully you will be able to view below:




Hungarian 'Days of the Week' song, by Adele :-)

Still image for this video

Life cycle of a chick, by Bella

Still image for this video

Friday 24th April Celebration of Learning: AM


Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Preston in Miss Jones' class, who is 5 today! We hope you have a great day Preston!


Many happy returns to Mrs Gandhi, who also has a birthday today! Aria made this lovely birthday card for Mrs Gandhi :-)


Continuing the birthday theme, Bella has made this lovely 50th birthday card for Mrs Berrio:


Lilly has completed all three challenges this week - great job! We love the detail you put on your chick and in your life cycle diagram illustrations, and well done for finding 7 different 3d shapes, including the first triangular prism and tetrahedron / triangular pyramid. Keep up the wonderful work, Lilly!


Frank would like to introduce Starry, the black chick that he created yesterday :-) He would also like to suggest to Mrs Berrio that she calls her chick, 'Henrick'! Frank found a total of 12 shapes on his hunt, including a 3d oxo cube and a hexagon shaped jewel, which he found by rummaging through his pirate treasure. Frank also identified lots of triangles on his climbing frame. Great work, Frank!


Well done to Imogen, who has produced this immaculate diagram showing the 4 stages in the life cycle of a chicken :-) We love all the labels you have put on your diagram - keep up the great work, Imogen!


Eloisa was inspired by the chick embryo video she found on YouTube to wrote all about the stages of a chick's development within an egg. She wrote "In the eggs, A white dot is in the egg yolk, The dot is the chick, It grows everyday, The tiny heart beats, The blood cells encourage the food" and then she labelled her diagram at the bottom with "The heart" and "The blood vessels". Eloisa, what amazing dedication to write all of that, and well done for using your phonics to write each sentence :-)


Well done to William who spent time outside yesterday planting a variety of seedlings and seeds - tomatoes, chillies, squash and apple seeds from a core :-) He also practised curly caterpillar letters and filling in missing numbers. Great work! 


Lola met the challenge to name her chick and here you can see she has written "My chick is called Alisha". Well done Lola! Also here is Lola's completed polystyrene chip rainbow :-)


Finally for this morning, Evie has really enjoyed doing the Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures each morning. Although it's been hard work for her, Evie has also practised her handwriting and reading this week. Well done for giving it a go - we know it's not easy juggling all the competing priorities and challenges at home :-)  Evie has also done lots of cooking this week - when we are all back at school, you will be able to give us a masterclass in cooking!   


We'll post any further posts we receive today towards the end of the afternoon...

Thursday 23rd April Celebration of Learning


Well done to Flavia for completing the shape hunt, finding 10 items! Your shapes have made me hungry with the triangle-shaped pizza and cylinder-shaped mini eggs. Can I have one?!


Well done to Alba as well for completing the shape hunt! She found a whopping 14 shapes, including a hexagon which was "une feve" from a "galette des rois" cake given to her family at Christmas from French friends :-) 


Congratulations to William, who also completed the shape hunt :-) Well done for finding 3 different hexagon shapes!!


Miss Miles wanted us to share Frank's Spring challenge Easter Writing competition - we hope you are able to put your certificate up somewhere special, Frank!


Finally for today, Eloisa has thoroughly enjoyed our topic this week and she has done some of her own investigating with her family. They found this fascinating video they'd like to share with you, which shows a chick develop inside an egg all the way from embryo to hatching. Go to 4:43 in the video to watch the chick develop and grow. It is worth saying that the chick grows up just as a normal chick would, so no chicks were harmed in the making of this video!


Wednesday 22nd April Celebration of Learning


Good morning everyone :-) Yesterday Ella made this lovely birthday card for Mrs Jakes. What a beautiful card, Ella, and a lovely gesture. We love that you drew two unicorns on the card!!


Next up, Alba worked hard at her handwriting yesterday as she practised writing her ladder letters. First, she practised each letter one at a time and asked her Mummy to put a smiley face next to the best ones. Then to finish, she did them all next to each other to try and get the height of the letters right. Well done, Alba, what awesome handwriting - Mrs Rand is so proud of you!


Tise has been very hard at work this week and is the first to complete the life cycle of a hen activity - well done! We like how you have labelled each stage in the life cycle :-) As an extra challenge Tise, can you write one sentence to explain what happens in each stage of the chicken's life cycle? Tise also made a toilet roll chick and called hers 'Ollie'. Finally, Tise the shape hunt and found 2 cylinders (kitchen roll and pencil case), 1 square book, 1 rectangle card, 1 circle plate and 1 sphere toy.  Tise then made an amazing toy house using a cube, pyramid and a rectangle. Keep up the great work, Tise!



Lola had a busy day with arts and craft yesterday, making excellent use of polystyrene chips to make not only a toilet roll chick but also a lovely rainbow. Lola, can you write a sentence to say what the name of your chick is? And can you send us a photo of your completed rainbow? Keep up the good work!


William has been super busy at home, working hard at his maths and writing. We love how you have used your phonics to write the sentences below - it sounds like a fun game! What was the most exciting thing that was in the box? Finally, William has also made this lovely 50th birthday card for Mrs Berrio! How did you know that fish and chips is Mrs Berrio's favourite?! Keep up the great work, William!

Yesterday we mentioned Frank's amazing poem that he wrote for the whole school challenge, and today you can see the man himself with the original copy of his poem, which he wrote all by himself. Well done, Frank, you are a star!


Finally for today, Eloisa has been busy in the garden over the last few weeks with her brother, Laurence and Mummy, Heather - who Cambourne children will recall helped to spruce up our garden, including planting various different seeds for us. Eloisa took some of these seeds home with her and wanted to give an update on how these seeds are getting on. You can see in the photos below that the seeds have grown really well, into tomoto plants and lettuces. Eloisa says: “The tomato plant in the pot is shorter than the one planted in the ground” and "The biggest plant has humongous leaves compared to the others”. For a full report on how the plants from Reception have been getting on, please view the Word document below. Eloisa and Laurence also wanted to share with everyone their 'recipe' for compost. Can you see egg shells and shredded paper in their homemade compost below?! If anyone wants to learn how to make their own compost, please view their 'recipe' below! Great gardening, Eloisa!

Tuesday 21st April Celebration of Learning

Congratulations to Edie who was the first child to complete the shape hunt! We love that you managed to find a triangle shape - nachos, yum!


Next up, Blossom has been having a lovely time at home doing all sorts of different activities, including planting seeds with her brother, baking cakes, painting nails, finding blossom on trees outside and playing bingo using the home learning number cards - great, creative use of the cards! Blossom also completed the shape challenge and managed to find a pyramid shape in the form of her indoor tent. Well done Blossom :-)


Bella set to work straight away yesterday on Mrs Berrio's chick challenge and sent us this picture of her completed toilet roll chick, which is called 'Mr Pip'! Bella has also been working really hard at her writing and wrote two lovely sentences about a recent walk to the pond. Keep up the great work, Bella!



Elliot managed to complete both the chick challenge and shape challenge yesterday! He found a whopping 9 2D objects and 5 3D objects - great hunting! We like how you used the shape mats to remind you of all the different shapes to look for, and well done for finding a hexagon-shaped chocolate lid :-) What name will you give to your chick?


Imogen also completed the shape hunt, including a cone which we are reliably informed ended up in Imogen's tummy not long after this photo was taken! We particularly like how Imogen labelled each of the items that she found, with the name of its corresponding shape. Great work Imogen, well done :-)


Adele completed the shape challenge yesterday, but with a twist - she took 8 photos, by herself, of different shapes that she found around the house! Below you can see a triangle-shaped stair and her brother bouncing on a sphere-shaped ball :-) Adele went for a walk at the weekend to feed the ducklings in the pond and then wrote three sentences in her home learning diary about it. What fantastic writing - keep up the great work, Adele!


William also completed Mrs Berrio's chick challenge, along with his sister, Grace. William gave his chick blue wings and feet, and named him 'Tank', whilst Grace named hers 'Melanie'. Great work, William and Grace!!  


Finally, Frank completed the school's Easter writing challenge and wrote the following, beautiful poem:


When  I look outside my window By Frank Carlisle

When l look outside my window

I see an apple tree

The blossom is nearly gone

And we will nearly have apples when the summer has gone


It’s nearly summer, it's nearly summer

The time has nearly come

Soon we will have an apple

And then it can go in our tum!

Well done Frank! We love the rhymes in your poem, and laughed out loud at the end!

Mrs Berrio's Chick Challenge

Still image for this video

Toilet Roll Chick Instructions

Hello and welcome to the summer term of Reception home learning. We hope you all had a good Easter, staying home and staying safe! If you ate lots of chocolate we suggest carrying on with Joe Wicks, the nation's PE teacher. It's a great way to start the day and gets us up and going! If you haven’t tried it yet, it's on live every morning at 9am on YouTube. Alternatively, if you would like something a little more relaxing, why not try a Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure? There are so many different stories to choose from, whether you like Trolls, Star Wars or Frozen.  Check it out on   


This week, following on from Easter, we would like you to explore the Life cycle of a chicken. Click on the PowerPoint below to discover the journey from egg to chicken and the continuous cycle. Talk about each stage with your child. Can they say what will happen next? Encourage the use of time language such as ‘first’, ‘then’ and ‘next’. You can also click on the YouTube videos  below to see an egg hatching! Do you think it pops out quickly? Or is it a slow, long and tiring process for the chick, as it has to work hard chipping away to break the shell with its special egg tooth?


Your weekly writing challenge is to draw and write about the life cycle of a chicken. Draw and colour each of the 4 stages and then write a word or a sentence to explain each stage. You might want to draw the 4 stages in a line, or you might want to draw each stage in a circle to highlight the continuous process. Let children decide how they want to show the stages and the cycle. You can do this using the Twinkl printout below, or straight into your diary/homework books. Don’t forget to email us photos of your work to share on the web site and email them to Instagram to share as well if you would like. When writing use your phonics sound mats to really listen for the sounds. Underline your digraphs if this helps you to hear and write them.


Please keep clicking on our 'Phonics’ and ‘Handwriting’ stars. The videos are designed to be used daily just as we would be at school. Maybe pick one phonics/tricky words video to watch and work on each day and one handwriting letter family to practice. A little every day goes a long way!


Mrs Berrio’s Art challenge this week is linked to our topic of ‘chickens’, take a look at her video and instructions above and do send us a photo when you have created your own toilet roll chick - and don't forget to give your chick a name!


Our Maths challenge for the week can be found on the newly created Maths 'star'. Inspired by many Easter 

egg hunts over the holiday period, Mr Tod has challenged children to go on their own 'shape hunt'. He

managed to find 8 different types of 2d and 3d shapes in his house; can you beat him and  find more than 8?

Do take photos of the shapes you find and send them across to us! 


Also a reminder that at 6pm every night a staff member reads a bedtime story. Our very own Mrs Borbas read 'The Gruffalo' in full costume last Thursday, whilst Miss Jones read 'Wimpy Shrimpy' before Easter and Mr Tod is reading 'The Book With No Pictures' tonight! You can view all these videos on Mrs Emery's Youtube channel:



Hardwick Reception - you will notice that we have created  

a new folder within Home Learning for Makaton. Just like

when we were all at school together, we will update this

each week with the latest 'Makaton Monday' sign. Can you

have a go at this week's phrase... 

                                             ride a bike

Cambourne reception - can you have a go at this as well?!



Finally, this week, three of our lovely TA's will be celebrating their Birthdays and Mrs Berrio has a very big, exciting Birthday because she is going to be 50! If you would like to make them cards or posters please do, and send us a photo of you and your card to put on the website to share but SSShhhh...... We want it to be a brilliant surprise for them! Happy making Kids!

Mrs Jakes – Tuesday 21st

Mrs Ghandi- Friday 24th

Mrs Berrio- Sunday 26th

Best Wishes,

The Reception Team

(Email learning to:, or


Well done  to Flavia, and brother Rocco, who made an Easter Egg hunt of their own. Judging by the photos Flavia, you had lots of fun, read the clues carefully and managed to find your Easter treat! Yum!

Chicken Life Cycle PowerPoint

Newly Hatched Chicken / Chick Hatching From Egg

Watch a baby chicken hatch from its egg. The video is about 4 min long and worth the viewing. Nature at is best. Farm life living at Reid Ranch Farm.

Chick hatching out of its egg